ads2OTT, India’s First Integrated OTT Exchange is Set to Launch in October 2020

Mumbai: 361 Degree Entertainment & Media Pvt Ltd is set to launch ads2OTT, India’s First Integrated OTT Exchange in October 2020.

361 Degree Entertainment & Media Pvt Ltd is set to launch ads2OTT, India’s First Integrated OTT Exchange in October 2020. In the past few years, there has been a proliferation of OTT platforms in the video-on-demand category. Though there has been a substantial increase in subscription numbers, the potential of the advertising revenue is yet to be realised. Today brands and agencies are facing a challenge to reach out to multiple platforms in existence. Hence, there is a need of an exchange that offers ad inventory available across platforms, under one roof. ads2OTT is aimed to provide a one-stop solution for brands to advertise across OTT platforms.

ads2OTT’s futuristic construct, promises to fulfil advertisers’ requirements of focused advertising, which is both impactful and result oriented. With one seamless transaction you can reach viewers across any part of India, with high-quality and on-demand content across popular TV shows, movies, LIVE sports and more. The focus is to go beyond metros and target regional and local advertisers especially in tier 2 and 3 markets. The exchange will specialise in helping brands, agencies and advertisers understand and navigate this revolutionary media landscape.

Shivi Chopra, Co-Founder, ads2OTT says, “The rise of OTT platforms has presented a great opportunity for advertisers. The advent of the festive season along with the upcoming IPL will boost advertising and brands will look at investing in the OTT space in a big way. The question is no longer about whether to invest in OTT but rather How and How much. OTT offers a formidable combination of the impact of television along with the power and precision of digital. Our prime focus will be to help regional and local brands to experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the category. At the same time, we will be catering to national brands who are looking at conveying their brand’s message or extending their existing broadcast reach. We are extremely bullish about the future of OTT and the exponential ROI it will generate for advertisers.”

Shivi Chopra further added, “ads2OTT is envisioned to play a critical and catalytic role in forming OTT into a separate category within the Media Advertising Landscape.”

Economic downturn and budget limitations could force marketers to adopt creative solutions to attract users. In the near future, ads2OTT will experiment with innovative formats such as in-show monetization, with shoppable content embedded directly in the stream as there is a need to think holistically.

Advertisers will aim to capitalize on the OTT boom but will have to become more particular of the media sources and their proportion impacting the consumer mind space. Brands are increasingly allocating their marketing spends to OTT platforms as the digital medium becomes highly influential and consumers are deeply engaged with this medium.