Adv S. Dev Kotwal’s service in pandemic as civil defense volunteer will inspires many

Udhampur: Advocate Swatantra Dev Kotwal’s service during the pandemic time of one year as civil defense volunteer will inspire many.
A renowned Social worker, Educationist, Writer- Advocate Swatantra Dev Kotwal, 63 hails from a hilly village of Basnote Tehsil Moungri of District Udhampur. Nestled amid hilly terrain village Basnote is situated about 65 KM from Udhampur Town.
It was his passion of doing social service that spurred Advocate Kotwal to take up the role of a civil defense volunteer. His social work is not confined to work for the worldly welfare of the people, but also to enrich their minds through his literary works viz writing Afsanas, short stories, poems. About one hundred of his Afsanas have been published in different national news papers, Magazines.”
“But it is the small service I rendered to the masses at grassroots level during one year of Covid-19 pandemic as the civil defense volunteer of Udhampur unit, gave me the greatest satisfaction of my life” said Advocate Kostwal. It started one year ago when India observed Janta Curfew on the call of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to combat the spread of deadly pandemic in our country, recalled Advocate Kotwal. Entering the Civil defence arena to render voluntary service made him feel like working for a noble cause.
He said that there were many who joined hands with civil defence functionaries to be the part of the patriotic mission, but many of them started leaving the ground after few weeks.
“But I stayed back in the battle field firm footed and kept rendering my Nishkam Sewa as per the need of the hour to defeat the Corona virus,” said he with great confidence.
At times, he said “I kept apprising the esteemed concerned quarters about my performance by sending written communication as well. I performed my activity voluntarily, tirelessly and blissfully with missionary zeal and zest under the directions of directorate of Civil defence Jammu” he said.
The J&K Bank Branch Housing Colony Domail Udhampur, was the place where I kept serving the unending swelling crowds of bank customers/visitors by providing them the service of “Pen” till date, he informed. “Branch Manager Anil Paba and all the staff members of the bank extended me the needed cooperation in a very decent and dignified manner throughout. Due to which my morale remained high and I achieved the desired target of completing one year of continuous service,“ narrates he.
“During the lock downs/holidays I provided my service daily in whole of Udhampur city as per the instructions of District Administration, I kept delivering features and making announcement to the general masses, particularly at crowded places, appealing the people to adhere to Covid -19 prevention guidelines,” he said.
“On the other hand , during the relaxations on working days I pinned the above mentioned bank branch, fortunately located in my locality , to render free service to the uncountable crowds of customers visitors, majority of whom were illiterate, by filling the different types of bank forms like withdrawal, pay in slips, new accounts , opening forms of varied natures, Aadhaar card forms, draft forms, Cheques, Debt forms, SMS/ATM forms, Pensioners life certificate forms, etc. Even those educated ones not in the habit of keeping a pen in their pocket were also served in the same manner.”
In this manner, he rendered consistent Nishkam Sewa to thousands and thousands of poor and innocent people of all shades with majority of them hailing from difficult, mountainous, far flung and vast areas.“ Side by side providing pen service, the public awareness on covid-19 SOPs adherence also remained intact with extreme vehemence at the bank. I express my gratitude to all the esteemed quarters who enabled me to proudly write such words for myself at the age of 63″, he concluded.

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