AEGIS Graham Bell Award invites individuals and institutions to join #HackCOVID19 and share their ideas to combat coronavirus

Mumbai: COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus has disrupted the human race. The impact we are seeing in regards to COVD-19 is appalling with its adverse effects on not only human health but as well as on the global economy.

The already burdened Government, with all the due efforts is trying to combat the coronavirus disease by providing necessary means of survival to people. To further help the Government, Aegis School of Data Science, a leading higher education institute offering programs in exponential technology along with IdeaBridge an ideation platform is inviting ideas which will help bridge the gap among the various stake holders including Government bodies, investors, NGOS, hospitals, health associations and the bright individuals, teams, organizations and startups by providing a platform wherein people from all walks of life can provide ideas, solutions and actions to help the world to defeat the spread of virus, control its impacts & #HackCovid19.

Since its origin in December 2019, more than 743,081 people in the world as of today have been tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 with 35,347 plus deaths and 157,046 recovered. In India alone the figure of positive cases has surpassed by a thousand.

For this, AEGIS is encouraging individuals and organizations in India and abroad to participate in the research and development effort to develop new ideas — diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics, emotional, physical, etc. — for this novel virus, as well as contribute to better understanding of its dynamics. “If we are to completely understand the ongoing crisis for what it is, then we must recognize that COVID-19 is not the only virus that must be destroyed. The world is currently battling with issues that range from mental health to financial crunch. At AEGIS, we encourage ideas that can help world become a better place,” says Mr. Bhupesh Daheria – CEO, Aegis School of Data Science.

The key focus areas of ideation remain containment of COVID-19, its diagnosis, cure and managing its social and economic impacts. Mr. Daheria adds, “We support ideas that range from ‘how to enforce and track home quarantine’ to ‘how to avoid fake news about the virus’ as it is crucial for us to acknowledge the overall impacts of this pandemic and brainstorm on how we can together combat it.”
Citizens who are aware, experts in relevant fields, software & hardware developers, start-ups, small, mid-size and large organizations can participate in this.
To participate, please visit: