Aegon Life introduces Work from Anywhere (WFA) policy for all its employees

Hyderabad: Aegon Life, India’s leading digital life insurance company, is leaning in to the new normal by introducing a “Work from Anywhere (WFA)” policy effective April 1st, 2021. With the introduction of this practice, all Aegon Life employees will have the flexibility and convenience to work from anywhere in India and contribute to organisational growth.

Sunita Rath, Chief People Officer at Aegon Life shares, “We have always held the belief that people are our key assets and emphasized the need for the right practices that can empower our people. The WFA policy that we have introduced upholds this belief.”

She further adds, “We have constantly redefined the sector in which we operate, right from being the pioneers of online term plans in India, to becoming the leading digital-only life insurance company in the country. We are not only the first life insurance company but are amongst the first organisations in the country to formally adopt a fully WFA work policy. Needless to say, we will still have our office space to enable employees to meet, brainstorm, connect and collaborate. With WFA as our new normal, we will adopt other suitable digital tools and solutions to engender a culture of agile policies and proactive support.”

This holistic and well-thought-out approach to work is designed to protect people interests and provide necessary leverage to achieve organisational goals. Salient features of this practice include:

Flexibility: Work from home, or from any location within India, on an ongoing basis, irrespective of the location of work mentioned in the terms of employment.
Introduction of core working hours: To help strike an optimal work-life balance, we have brought in the concept of core working hours. All managers and teams are encouraged to plan e-meetings and con-calls at specific times during the day to ensure that hours outside of these timeslots are used to balance their family and work commitments.
Introduction of a ‘No Meetings Day’: The second Wednesday of every month has been designated as ‘No Meetings Day’, with no prescheduled calls and meetings. This will enable uninterrupted work and focus on projects.
Support to enable WFA / Home Office: A one-time reimbursement for setting up one’s home-office. Further, necessary technology will be made available to all employees to enable a seamless and secure working environment.
Focus on emotional well-being: Recognising the challenges that one can face while working from home, employees have been requested “not to be apologetic” for inevitable disturbances (of being at home) during official meetings/calls. Further, regular online wellness sessions are organised to support mental and emotional well-being.


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