After college – to PetrSU!

A vocational guidance meeting with students of the Petrozavodsk cooperative technical school of the Karelrespotrebsoyuz took place.
During the meeting, the teachers of PetrSU (T.M. Tatarina, O.V. Vikulina, Department of Foreign Languages ​​in Humanities) spoke in detail about the structure of the university, about a wide range of training areas, both full-time and part-time forms of education. The graduates of the technical school were interested in learning about the possibility of continuing their education in a correspondence format, since many plan to go to work after graduating from the technical school. The greatest interest was aroused by the areas of training at the Institute of Economics and Law, as well as the area of ​​training “Hospitality”, since these are the areas that are priority for students of the technical school.

Correctly organized pedagogical vocational guidance can be considered as a means of improving the educational culture of young people.

Career guidance is very important as it relates to a person’s specific abilities. Recognizing or identifying a person’s interests and strengths is considered one of the most challenging challenges faced by educators and organizational leaders. We are grateful to Natalia Aleksandrovna Filatova, head of the full-time department of the technical school, for her help in organizing the meeting,noted the teachers of PetrSU.

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