After Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, GIIS starts Cambridge curriculum in Bengaluru campus

Bengaluru – Global Indian International School (GIIS) Whitefield has received full authorisation to run the Cambridge Assessment International Education at its Bangalore campus, a great achievement for the campus in the field of international education.

Singapore-headquartered GIIS has a decade-long experience in imparting international education to thousands of students in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan; and has produced more than 700 students with A* and A grades.


From August 2022, GIIS Whitefield will commence the three-year Cambridge Lower Secondary programme for Grades 6, 7, 8; and the two-year Cambridge IGCSE for 9 with Grade 10 commencing next year.

Both programmes are designed to pave the way for students to take up other international curricula in their high school years, followed by undergraduate studies in reputed universities around the world.

“This is a giant step for the school which has already been doing a great job with the CBSE cohorts for many years. The new curriculum will add to the proper learning enrichment of students at a time when the 21st century is offering so many international opportunities,” said Whitefield principal Mr Ashwani Saxena.


The Cambridge curriculum will be interspersed with GIIS’s award-winning 9GEMS holistic framework, which allows students to excel in 8 other areas of development, besides academics. The Cambridge students will have special facilities to ensure that holistic learning continues in a modern, high-tech environment, in the fields of STEM, performing arts, sports, leadership and entrepreneurship.


Students will learn in smart classrooms in small cohorts with interactive boards and use tablets for better classroom interaction. They will also have access to music labs, robotics lab, multi-activity rooms, outdoor and indoor sports facilities etc. In their final year of Cambridge, GIIS will also support students through career counselling, with their international counsellors guiding and assisting them in university applications.


GIIS is part of the not-for-profit Global Schools Foundation, which has 6 different international school brands under their aegis in 10 countries. The foundation is bringing quality education to more places in the world through its worldwide network of international schools. The introduction of Cambridge at Bangalore is a feather in the cap for the Foundation which is celebrating its 20th anniversary year in 2022-23. The Foundation is also the most awarded education institution in the world, with 350 awards from renowned world institutions.


“This is just the beginning for GIIS India operations, which is planning to expand its offerings in future,” said Mr Rajiv Bansal, Director of GIIS Operations in the country. “We have already made a mark in CBSE education, and now with Cambridge, GIIS will once again show that it is an institution which produces leaders of tomorrow, who are ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.”