Agricultural education day observed


ALIGARH  : Agricultural Education Day is one auspicious occasion which is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm all over India to mark the birth anniversary of the first president of Indian republic, Dr Rajendra Prasad.

Commemorating the day, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aligarh Muslim University organized online educational events including inspirational lectures and essay writing and debate competitions with the participation of faculty members and students.

The undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences participated in the essay writing competition on “Role of agriculture education and training programmes in generating rural income for small-holder women farmers” and debate on “Prospects of entrepreneurship verses government jobs in agriculture sector”.

Welcoming the participants, Prof Rais Ahmad (Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences) highlighted developments and progress in the agricultural sector, underlining the areas where advanced efforts have to be made by all the stakeholders to make India self reliant in agriculture.

Prof. P. Q. Rizvi (Chairman, Department of Plant Protection) underlined career prospects and guided the students how to avail employment opportunities in agriculture sector, while Prof. Mujeebur Rahman Khan (Department of Plant Protection) lauded the importance of new education policy and possible benefits by its implementation in agriculture education.

Prof. Iqbal Ahmad, Dr. Syed Kamran Ahmad, Dr. Ziaul Haque, Dr. Rizwan Ali Ansari, Dr. Tahir Mohammad Chauhan and Dr. Zeba Khan played a key role in organizing the educational events.

Prof. P. Q. Rizvi proposed a vote of thanks.