AI based app ‘Stargaze’ launches its Beta Version

New Delhi: While we often dream of gazing at our favorite stars from a distance or getting their picture or autograph, Stargaze will make this dream possible for a billion Indians with its unique and dynamic Video Based- AI Driven Star-Fan engagement platform, unveiling its beta version on 15th August. Stargaze is the first of its kind Made in India and Made for India app which focuses on building a holistic ecosystem for stars and their fans providing seamless engagement and connectivity through both audio and video platforms.

Stargaze( is incubated at Atal Incubation center (AIC) under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) which is a Niti Aayog initiative and is listed in Startup India. It is the only app in the market to broadcast two-way interactive videos, powered by AI. This enables a seamless interactive network between the fans and stars. The platform is secure with data security measures in place and is a place for renowned stars whose profiles are authenticated by the platform.

Speaking on the launch of Stargaze, Rahul Reddy, Founder & CEO, Stargaze said, “Over the years celebrities and fans have been finding ways to connect without disturbing the harmony of their relationship i.e., without the intrusion of negative elements. Stargaze will be an inclusive ecosystem for stars and fans. With approx. 100+ stars on board on Stargaze, and 5000+ pre -registrations we have already set a strong ground in the pre-launch phase of our platform.

Karthik Vemula, Board Member says “We have been working with a lot of international celebrities. This is the first time we are working with Indian Stars. We are excited to be creating a platform for fans in India to connect to their favorite stars”

Jayavardhan BN, Board Member added “Stargaze will the first of its kind platform which will revolutionize the content monetization module for all the creators and artists. We are proud to have created such an advanced AI driven technology platform”.

As per the market analysis India accounted for about 14% of 218 billion global app installs in 2020. As of 2019, India’s monthly active internet user base was 574 million. This estimated to have reached to 734 million by the end of 2020, registering an annual growth of 29% Hence the future for a dynamic, value adding, and entertaining app is seen on a rising trajectory.

The major USP of Stargaze lies in its authenticity and technological adaptation which include-

· Made in India. All data is stored in India, with bonafide data privacy. High level cyber security.

· 100% Verified Proles + Security. Unlike social platforms, all user profiles on Stargaze will be verified, eliminating fake followers and trolling. With 100% verified prole and an active team, Stargaze ensures content security and zero misuse. Stars get to host events as per their convenience, ensuring participation.

· No need for stars to be present in multiple social platforms. Also, fans do not need to follow different celebrities on different platforms. All stars can be found in this one platform.

· Technological innovation. The only app in the market to broadcast two-way interactive videos, powered by the latest technology (AI) to keep it relevant.

Stargaze is a platform that will open new avenues for stars with the following benefits-

· Star-Fan engagement: India’s first and only video-based AI-driven engagement platform.

· Alternative Revenue: Stars can earn from INR 10 lakh to 10 Cr per month.

· No more hate speech: Advanced AI technology and privacy of conversation providing a personalized communication channel.

· Unified Platform: One platform for the entire constellation: From sportspeople to actors.

Stars from different genres will come on the platform to connect with their fans, be it from music, sports, cinema, art, business or any other background. Stargaze will revamp the star – fan interaction model and redefine monetization of content for content creators and artists and take it to a reformed level wherein a niche will be created for every star and their specific audience, helping to generate quality content.


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