AICTE signed MoU with CBSE to extend its various initiatives to school teachers and students

New Delhi: The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) collaborates with Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) to train and engage students and teachers in various initiatives / activities that are currently being organized by AICTE for its Engineering & Technology student and faculty to enhance their skills.


AICTE signed MoU with CBSE to extend its various initiatives to school teachers and students in the presence of chairman AICTE, Chairman CBSE, Vice Chairman AICTE and Member Secretary AICTE on 05.04.2021.


As a part of the collaboration, several programs will be launched which include, the Training of CBSE School Teachers on AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy, National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) courses for School Students, Innovation Ambassador training to School Teachers, Connecting Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), Conducting joint Hackathons for school students, the participation of school students in the exhibition of Vishwakarma award, AICTE student Induction Program concepts, and Student learning Assessment school students.

“AICTE is very glad to collaborate with CBSE, as it will bring about positive changes in the Indian educational sector. From now, AICTE will extend its existing initiatives and platforms to students and teachers in CBSE schools. The digital learning platforms of AICTE are expected to reshape the way in which students learned so far,”said AICTE chairman Prof.Anil D. Sahasrabudhe.


‘CBSE is happy to join hands with AICTE. It will help the school students for further guidance and motivation. The students will be aware about the emerging areas of technology and feel more confident after getting good exposure from AICTE’ said CBSE Chairman Shri Manoj Ahuja, IAS.


AICTE Vice Chairman Prof. M.P. Poonia said AICTE will support CBSE to create awareness of these schemes by organizing webinars, social media campaigning at the regional and national levels to encourage students.


“Apart from supporting CBSE to organize webinars, social media campaigning etc all across the country as a part of these schemes, AICTE will also provide the standard operating procedures for the programs from time to time. The collaboration of AICTE and CBSE is something to look forward to, and it could bring several benefits to the Indian educational sector,” added Prof. M.P Poonia.

“This is another initiative that could elevate the Indian education sector to new heights. AICTE will ensure ease of access and use of the initiatives for the CBSE. To make this collaboration beneficial, AICTE will depute a scheme-wise Officer-in-charge for coordinating with CBSE to implement schemes and initiatives”, said AICTE Member Secretary Prof.Rajive Kumar. He also highlighted the key initiatives of Idea-labs and internship opportunities made available for the students by AICTE.

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