AIIMS clinical protocol will be applicable to COVID-19 patients in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal : The clinical protocol adopted by AIIMS, New Delhi will be followed for the management of COVID -19 patients in the state. Directorate Health Services has directed Care Center, Dedicated Health Center and Kovid Hospital identified for COVID-19 to follow the clinical protocol issued by AIIMS, New Delhi on 21 April 2020 in this regard. These instructions will be updated from time to time keeping in view the epidemiological trends of the country.

Adequate beverages, balanced diet, recommended doses of vitamins A, D, C and zinc are to be provided to patients admitted to COVID dedicated centers and hospitals. Detailed technical instructions have also been issued regarding pulse rate, respiratory rate and oxygen therapy of the patient. Necessary psychological support and entertainment for the health benefits of these patients will also be ensured by the hospital management.