AIIMS partnered with StockGro to educate young doctors about Trading and Investment


StockGro organised ‘FinSight’ an exclusive trading event that experienced a footfall of 1000+ participants where winners were awarded cash prizes worth Rs.10,000

StockGro – India’s first social investment platform partnered with AIIMS to organise FinSight, a virtual stock trading competition. By joining hands with AIIMs, StockGro provided a platform to budding doctors and future investors to get hands-on and real-time experience with stock market and investing. This event empowered more than 1,000 medical students with financial knowledge and winners walked home with cash prizes worth Rs. 10,000.

With an impressive footfall, Finsights ushered in a new generation of investors by providing them with the platform to understand the stock market in real-time. This is in line with StockGro’s vision of building a young Bharat that is proficient in trading and stocks and can build a seamless financial backing for themselves.

Ajay Lakhotia, Founder, StockGro says, “Wealth-management skills and financial literacy are non-negotiable. Finsights exposed all the budding doctors to the dynamism of the stock market trading and investing. Via such initiatives, our aim, alongside AIIMS, is to hone future doctors to become knowledgeable and skilled investors”.

Chetanya Mittal, Secretary eDC- AIIMS says, “Financial well-being, understanding investment and having a pulse over the stock market is no more a ‘nice to have’ element but important in these fluctuating times. FinSight was an attempt to encourage the medical community to be more financially aware. Via this collaboration, we wanted to eradicate the overwhelming notion that the stock market has and make it more approachable for our students. Clearly, they learned something new and we are sure that they had fun doing it as well!”

StockGro has collaborated with 500+ engineering and management institutions like IIMs and IITs and other esteemed educational establishments and has successfully streamlined stock market trading and investment for students and even professors.

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