‘Airtel Wi-Fi Calling’ crosses One million users

New Delhi: In one of the fastest uptake of a new network technology in India, Airtel Wi-Fi Calling has already crossed one million users.

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) was the first mobile operator to introduce Voice over Wi-Fi in India. Following the extremely positive customer feedback, the company has accelerated the roll-out of its innovative service across the country.

· Airtel Wi-Fi Calling is now available to Airtel mobile customers across India.

· Also, the service can now be accessed by Airtel mobile customers over any Home or Public Wi-Fi network, making their indoor service experience truly seamless.

Airtel Wi-Fi Calling leverages cutting edge technology to enhance the indoor voice calling experience for Airtel smartphone customers. It uses Wi-Fi networks to create a dedicated channel for voice calls and allows customers to make telco grade calls to any network. This dramatically improves customer experience as customers can seamlessly switch to Airtel Wi-Fi Calling.

There is no extra charge for making calls via Airtel Wi-Fi Calling and customers can get started on Airtel Wi-Fi calling on their smartphone without the need for any additional calling App/ SIM.

Randeep Sekhon, CTO – Bharti Airtel said: “We are delighted with the extremely positive customer response for Airtel Wi-Fi Calling. The technology has truly transformed the indoor network quality for Airtel mobile customers, particularly in high population density areas in urban markets. Airtel is also the first to make the service LIVE across India and our customers can use the feature on any Wi-Fi.”

Here is how you can get started with Airtel Wi-Fi Calling

1. Check device compatibility on airtel.in/wifi-calling

2. Upgrade device operating software to the latest version that supports Wi-Fi Calling*

3. Now, go to Settings on your mobile phone and Switch On Wi-Fi Calling to get started

4. Keep VoLTE switched on as well for a seamless experience

Airtel has been engaging with smartphone manufacturers to make all popular smartphone models compatible with the service. Over 100 smartphone models across 16 brands are now compatible with Airtel Wi-Fi Calling.