AiRTH started to target National Capital’s market

New Delhi: AiRTH, a startup that can protect you and your loved ones from unseen viruses and air pollutants in the air with the world’s first antimicrobial air purifier from a team of IIT Bombay is now incorporating its product in various organizations. Recently, the brand has incorporated its antimicrobial air purifier unit at ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) and Centre for Chest Diseases (CCD). The air purifier is designed to protect against COVID-19 & future pandemics.


The brand has developed the first of its kind technology at IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur for real-time deactivation of airborne germs so that the people we care about are happy, carefree and healthy.


AiRTH is fourteen months old with more than two years of successful R&D experience in advanced air purification technologies. It took the challenge to protect people from airborne disease transmission like COVID-19 and indoor air pollution through the world’s first antimicrobial air purifier.


Expressing his happiness, Mr. Ravi Kaushik, CEO AiRTH said, “We are overjoyed and extremely grateful to have ONGC and Centre for Chest Diseases as our esteemed users.” ONGC is a Government of India-owned oil & natural gas corporation. Centre for Chest Diseases provides treatment for respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), sleep disorder, and so on.


AiRTH has conducted pilot studies at various organizations like offices, restaurants, co-working spaces, hospitals, and gyms. Through this period, AiRTH noted that people want to be safeguarded against unseen viruses and indoor air pollutants. And so, they kept working towards their mission and successfully deployed more than 10 units to their early adopters. The brand is now working extensively to cater to the demands that they received as pre-orders through their website ( The team is also working with a global elevator company to make elevators safer.