AISECT launches Cybersecurity programmes in collaboration with iZen

New Delhi: AISECT, which is India’s leading Social Enterprise working in the area of Skill Development in semi urban and rural parts of the country, has launched Cybersecurity programmes in collaboration with iZen, a Silicon Valley-based talent empowerment and education technology company. Under this partnership, certificate courses in Cybersecurity Basics and Network Attack Detection will be offered through AISECT’s online learning platform

In this cyber age, cybersecurity is critical to ensure proper operation of everything from financial transactions to power generation, affecting every size and scale of business, government and everyday lives. It is to be noted that India is among the top five countries most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Keeping the future in mind, these courses are designed with “outcome-based training” in order to enhance employability of the students while addressing the need for cybersecurity professionals in the increasingly digital world.

These courses are designed by the world-renowned cybersecurity expert Dr Fred Cohen, the scientist who first defined the term “computer virus” and invented most of the widely used computer virus detection techniques. Dr Cohen is also one of the only 25 Cybersecurity experts in the world, recognized as a fellow of (ISC)2 at “Cybersecurity and IT Security Certification and Training”.

Students pursuing these courses will get the opportunity to learn online in a self-paced environment using their desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Video lectures will be delivered to them through cloud LMS platform. These courses use the gamification of learning approach to boost student engagement and motivation. During the course, students will be provided hands-on experience in carrying out real life use-cases by accessing iZen’s innovation lab in order to reinforce the understanding of concepts.

These courses are well-suited for anyone interested in enhancing cybersecurity awareness – students seeking employment in the field, teachers who want to become cybersecurity trainers, top level executives and public/private sector employees seeking a career in cybersecurity through re-skilling. Each course offers a training of 45-75 hours, which can be completed by the students in 8 weeks or more based on his/her understanding and time spent on the course. On successful completion of the course, the students will be awarded a certificate recognizing their understanding.

The Cybersecurity Basics course will cover the necessary basics to provide a solid background in the field. It will cover various cybersecurity dimensions through multiple case studies in order to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the students. The Network Attack Detection course is designed to strengthen the student’s network attack and detection mechanism fundamentals. Students will be provided hands-on experience on automated detection tools and operational methodologies through live lab exercises.