Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association Qatar (AMUAAQ) Community Iftar

The Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association Qatar (AMUAAQ) an associate organization (AO) of ICBF under the aegis of the Embassy of India-Qatar, organised the traditional community Iftar on Friday, 08th April 2022 at the beautiful outdoor venue of the Museum of Islamic Park Doha.
The Iftar was attended by more than 350 people including families and friends. This is 3rd time while AMUAAQ organized their community Iftar in open area (Lawn/Park) similar to Alma mater (AMU) tradition. Event was presided by AMUAAQ President – Dr. Nadeem Zafar Jilani.
HE Dr.Deepak Mittal Ambassador of India to Qatar Chief Guest while Mr. Ziad Usman (President ICBF, Qatar), Mr. Ahmed Kazi (CCT) and Mr. Abdul Rahman EP (President QIA and Chairman Care and Cure group) attended the program as guest of honour.
Chief Guest Ambassador of India to Qatar HE Dr. Deepak Mittal presence and wishing to meet and greet “Ramadan Kareem” to all attendees was a big proud moment to all of us. He is really peoples Ambassador.

The AMU Alumni Association Qatar is a non-profit and socio-cultural organisation committed to promote a sense of brotherhood and foster spirit of community wellness. The forum’s objective is to serve the educational, social, literary, sports and cultural needs of the community.
The Community Iftar brings together the alumni students, Families, Friends and Guests for Prayers, to listen the lecture on Ramadan & Zakat, catered Iftar meal and shared home-made tea and drinks during the month of Ramadan. The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar is when Muslims around the world spend the day abstaining from food and drink during the daylight hours. At sunset, Muslims break their fast with a meal called Iftar.
Mr. President welcomes the Alumni & their families and introduced the special guests – Vinod Nair, Mahesh Gowda, Subramanya, Mr. Sabit, Sabeena MK, Deepak Talreja, Afreen, Satyendra Pathak, Mumtaz Hussain and AMU Doctors.
Indeed the huge crowd, the well organized team work, the happiness on everyone’s face and the hardwork of each and every committee members led this to a grand success. After a gap of two years Pandem.ic AMU Alumni Association Qatar Iftar get together made us feel so much better and rejuvenate in this blessed month of Ramadan said by Dr. Ashna.
Ghazala Yasmeen and Dr. Shima Sadaf conducted the Ramadan Quiz supported by other ladies. Children participated in Ramadan Quiz in large numbers and winners were given Prizes and Certificates while all under 6 participants were given Prizes for reciting a surah.
Maulana Abdul Rab spoke about the importance of the Holy Month of Ramadan and Zakat. He mentioned that Ramadan is a wonderful opportunity to repent for sins and wrong doings. “We should take the momentum forward and work for the purity of soul and enhancement of Taqwa’’. Prayer & Dua was jointly performed on the ground by Gents and Ladies after Iftar (Fatoor). Dinner and Tea was served after maghrib prayer.
The program was coordinated by M. Faisal Naseem (VP), Dr. Ashna Nusrat (VPL) ,M. Farman Khan (GS), Farrukh Farooqi, Mamnoon Bangash, Mohammed Nayeem, Abad Khan and Dr. Intekhab Alam.
Dr Nadeem Zafar Jilani, President of AMUAAQ affiliated body in discussion said that “Today, we had a great time with so many attendees , he informed that majority of AMU Alumni members and well wishers demands for one unified AMU Alumni Association in Qatar. Therefore this affiliated body started the unification campaign wef 01st January 2020 by previous team. Jawed Ahmad , the chairman of AMUAAQ supported the positive response from alumnus and well-wishers to connect with affiliated AMU Alumni Association Qatar to get it unified with very strong and powerful team under the competent presidentship of Dr. Nadeem Zafar Jilani. AMUAAQ president, MC members appreciated the Indian Ambassador HE Dr. Deepak Mittal for the efforts he made to include Doha as the Exam Centres for NEET (MBBS) Undergraduate Exam2022. Mr Jawed Ahmad Also thanked the Ambassador for their extended support for emergency counsellor service for community
Syed Shahabuddin, Shahabuddin Ahmad, Mansoor Alam, Mohammed Nayeem, Ali Imran, Anjum, Danish, Imtiyaz Alam, Safeer Rahman, Irfan Ansari, Alvi, Anish, Arif, Rizwan Ahmad, Shafqat Nabi, Yawer, Junaid and and many more community representative attended and graced the occasion.
Program is adjourned after healthy discussions on various important knowledgeable topics.


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