Aligarh Muslim University committed to Urdu Promotion


Aligarh, April 9: Since its inception, the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has been committed to work for the promotion and development of Urdu language and the present administration is enthusiastic to extend full support.

All university buildings, names of departments and official letter heads do carry Urdu, but recently it was found that official letter heads of some departments did not carry Urdu and the university administration immediately took up the matter and the Registrar, Mr Abdul Hamid (IPS) issued a circular that it makes mandatory that all official letter heads must be printed and typed on computers in the English, Urdu and Hindi languages.

Professor Tariq Mansoor said that Urdu manifests our rich cultural heritage and the university has been doing what it could for the promotion of Urdu. The marks of compulsory Urdu papers are being added to the total marks. The university publishes Aligarh Magazine, Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq and Fikro Nazar in Urdu. The AMU Gazette is also published in the English and Urdu languages.

Prof Mansoor points out: “It is to be noted that the University offers Non Mother Tongue (NMT) courses in the Urdu language. These courses are attended by scores of Indian and foreign nationals.”

“There is a sizeable body of people whose mother tongue is Urdu and at AMU, the administration is devoted to take the right steps to ensure that these people use their mother tongue for all purposes—so that Urdu is developed into a modern language,” he said.

The university officials regret that enormous contribution of AMU to the promotion of Urdu, is being willfully ignored and there is a section of people, who refuse to acknowledge these efforts and try to malign the university administration.