Aligarh Muslim University issues dengue prevention advisory

Aligarh: As the dengue sting is back with the monsoon season, Aligarh Muslim University has issued an advisory for preventing dengue in the University area and the Aligarh city.

The Registrar of the university, Mr Abdul Hamid (IPS) in an advisory for preventing dengue in AMU has urged people to ensure the emptying and cleaning of desert coolers regularly, covering overhead tanks tightly, removal of unused tanks, clearing junk materials from rooftops and backyards, cleaning flower pot trays and not allowing stagnation of water and avoiding flow of water on rooftops.

The advisory also stated that the rooftops should be cleaned for smooth flow of water for avoiding mosquito breeding, artificial open water collection points must be notified to the Health Office and proper meshwork on doors and windows of the building must be done.

Meanwhile, students have been advised to wear full-sleeved clothing and to use bed nets and mosquito repellents during the July to October period.

All concerned are requested to ensure regular cleaning of open drains and timely removal of garbage and distribution of awareness posters, urged the AMU Registrar.

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