Aligarh Muslim University observes Voters’ Day

Aligarh: The National Voters’ Day 2020 was held in all the faculties, departments, schools, residential halls and offices of the Aligarh Muslim University to create awareness on the need to maximise the enrolment of new voters.

To mark the occasion at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof Akbar Husain (Dean) held a meeting with faculty members and administered the pledge to uphold the democratic traditions of the Country and the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections.

Similarly at the Begum Sultan Jahan Hall, Dr Saira Mehnaz with the wardens and resident students of the hall pledged to vote in elections for the progress of the Nation. She urged the youth to compulsorily enrol to secure their voter ID card and exercise their franchise during the elections.

Addressing the employees and students at the Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall, Prof Salman Hameed (Provost) said the future of the country lies in the hands of the voters and it is imperative for the youth to realise the importance of voting and exercise their rights as they have a role to play in nation building.

At the Begum Aziz Un Nisa Hall, Prof Subuhi Khan (Provost) administered the Voters’ Pledge in which wardens, staff members and students were present. In her speech to mark the occasion, Prof Subuhi said that the youth of the country should realise the importance of elections and take part in it by exercising their franchise to elect suitable candidates.

Cultural programmes on the importance of voting were organised at the S T S School to create awareness among students about the National Voters’ Day. Mr Faisal Nafis (School Principal) with schools teachers, non-teaching staff and students also pledged to vote and contribute to the electoral political process.

Likewise, Voters’ Day was observed at the Department of Geology, in which Prof AHM Ahmad (Chairman) and Prof MEA Mondal with other senior faculty members, students and non-teaching staff pledged to vote without any inducements.