Aligarh Muslim University organized several events including awareness talks

Aligarh: The Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University organized several events including awareness talks, poster display and Breast Self-Examination (BSE) demonstration for early diagnosis of cancer as part of the breast cancer awareness month observed at the Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC), Jawan.

Prof Anees Ahmad, Chairman, Department of Community Medicine said that breast cancer is most common cancer among women in India and about 2000 new women are diagnosed with cancer every day. He said it was necessary to educate women to do self-check for early detection of the deadly disease.

A health talk was held on the occasion and Dr Karthika and Dr Sakshi, while enumerating the risk factors, signs and symptoms of the breast cancer, emphasized the importance of diagnosing the disease at an early stage. Dr Karthika also demonstrated the steps involved in Breast Self-Examination using IEC charts.

Dr Tabassum and Dr Ritu also engaged young women of the area and educated them for carrying out self-examination and how early diagnosis can lead to complete cure.

Posters and charts explaining symptoms, risks factors, BSE were also displayed at RHTC while IEC materials were prepared by interns Dr Ritu Gupta, Dr Sakshi, Dr Salik, Dr Saima and Dr Ritu Singh.

An awareness talk and BSE demonstration was also organized at Anganwadi Centre, village Chhota Jawan with the participation of a number of adolescent girls and young women.