Aligarh Muslim University starts week-long ‘Recru-Fi’

Aligarh: As the surge in Covid19 cases restricted in-person events, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is helping graduating students get face time with potential employers by converting its in-person job fair to be completely online.

Inaugurating the one-week, ‘Recru-Fi’, the online Job Fair organised by the university’s Training and Placement Office in collaboration with Enable Careers, AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor pointed out that since recruitment drives are hit by Covid19 pandemic, we need to be ready for a long battle to counter all odds.

In this difficult time, it is the best for universities and employers to embrace virtual recruitment, said the Vice Chancellor.

“Through online job fairs like ‘Recru-Fi’, companies can reach a larger number of potential employees. The recruiters may build online recruitment platforms, use online-recruitment HR software or employ recruitment agencies that utilize e-recruitment as part of their package,” said Prof Mansoor.

He emphasized the importance of teamwork and urged the AMU fraternity to come up with more innovative ideas.

Brij Nandan Yadav (Executive Director, DLF Limited) explained what students should do to get hired during the job fair.

Sameer Banarjee (Vice President and Head HR at Emami Cement Ltd) emphasised that online job fairs are the new norm as all companies are going to have virtual interviews in the foreseeable future.

Naqi Abbas (AMU alumni and Director, Enable Employability Excellence Private Limited) introduced the 24 participating companies from India and abroad and discussed the procedure of the event.

Addressing the employers, Saad Hameed (Training and Placement Officer-General) told them that AMU has a pool of talent in its students.

Dr Jahangir Alam (Convener of the event) delivered the welcome address, Muzamil Mushtaq (Training and Placement Officer-General) conducted the programme.

During the week-long programme, chat and video conferencing tools will be used for interactions between job seekers and employers and online workshops will be conducted on ‘CV Design and Interviewing’ for the registered candidates.

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