Aligarh Muslim University, Vice Chancellor looks forward to see students in campus, assures dialogue

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor in a letter to students mentioned that he looks forward to see them on the campus and assured commitment for a dialogue on issues and interests of students.

“I am writing this letter to you (students) at a very critical juncture and I look forward to have students in the campus as the university opens,” wrote the Vice Chancellor pointing out that a notice will soon be issued.

Prof Mansoor added that he respects the spirit of students for carrying out protests peacefully to draw the nation’s attention to laws which they feel objectionable.

“Students have full right to share their views on any subject in peaceful and democratic manners. The Administration and I have no intention to subvert student rights. A robust democracy relies on active participation of its citizens, especially the young who are the future of the country,” said the Vice Chancellor.

Prof Mansoor emphasised that all the decisions taken by him in the last two-and-a-half years as Vice Chancellor have been in interest of students and the institution. He urged students to feel free to voice their concerns to get them addressed.

He said: “For the immense honour of being the AMU Vice Chancellor, I bring to my job every single day the reminder of the many legacies of greatness to which we are heirs. The vision and courage of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the greatness of the movement to liberate this nation in 1947 for which AMU contributed tremendously, the great contributions of alumni the world over in nation building, are some of the sources of inspiration for all of AMU fraternity.”

He mentioned: “I am deeply pained by the turn of events that occurred on the December 15, especially the injuries caused by police action and the mental trauma some have suffered. To them and the families, I say that I regret what happened. The decision taken on the night of December 15 was in good faith and with clear conscience. Primarily it was aimed to disperse the charged up students who had got carried away with false rumours of the death of two students on Jamia Millia Islamia. When we saw the situation going out of hand, it was imperative to act appropriately.”

Prof Mansoor in the letter mentioned that he is aware that many students have questioned AMU administration’s role in this regard despite the steps been taken with the best intent.

“Certain outcomes of our decisions at times are affected by many unforeseen circumstances and criticism at times is fair. We derive wisdom from such decisions, with humility, and for improved responses in the future,” stated the Vice Chancellor.

He pointed out, “The decision to vacate hostels was taken with much deliberation due to the prevailing situation in the country, and efforts were made to vacate minimum inconvenience to the students. However, some students were inconvenienced which is deeply regretted.”

The Vice Chancellor assured that the administration will do all that is possible within its powers and legal boundaries to ensure justice is delivered to the innocent.

Do not rush to judgement or believe in every narrative that is spread by people who are unaware of the exact circumstances under which administration was operating, said Prof Mansoor adding that he has full faith in the maturity of students and expects them to ensure that their genuine concerns are not hijacked by others with vested interests.

The Vice Chancellor urged the students to identify trouble makers who are bent on creating a rift between students and administration.

Prof Mansoor stated in the letter: “When you return after vacation, please remember that as the Vice Chancellor, I am sworn to ensure the safety of the campus, and the well being of all students and staff. With love and respect, I seek your support in completing the academic year smoothly. Creating an atmosphere of anarchy will hurt our credibility as peaceful citizens and validate the lies that are being spread about our beloved university.”

“Our University’s rich past will continue to drive its present and future. Every day is a new challenge and we must stay focussed amidst these challenges,” he emphasised.

Prof Mansoor further said, “Let us remind ourselves that many of our students come from humble background and the education received at this prestigious university has the power to transform their future. We must work together in this testing time to ensure that AMU continues to serve the passion and dreams of our present students and the future generation.”

“Our ego, knee jerk responses to events, preference to myopic short term benefits should not cloud our thinking of the long term objectives that the university is meant to serve,” said the Vice Chancellor assuring that he is committed for dialogue with students on issues of their interests and concerns.