AligsCare provides financial assistance to cancer patients


Aligarh : Diagnosed with an aggressive form of oral cancer in 2018, 38-year-old Siraj sought treatment at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). In the years since winning the battle against the malignancy, Siraj lost the fight against money troubles. The financial hardship had left him destitute and broke until Houston, USA Based, AligsCare, a charity organisation run by AMU alumni, providing cancer care and support to patients came to his aid.

They helped set up a grocery store for Siraj. He now supports a family of six-members with ample earnings. Siraj’s story is one of the many such anecdotes of people whom the AligsCare has extricated from hardship and struggles.

Similarly, Raisa has been provided with a grocery store to support her family after she lost her cancer afflicted husband. AligsCare has also provided jewellery for the wedding of cancer patient Shabbir’s daughter besides helping his family to start a grocery store for livelihood.

At a recently held charity event at JNMC; officials and volunteers of AligsCare provided over 40 cancer patients with winter blankets, woolen shawls, masks, hand sanitizers, and hygiene kits. Families of the deceased cancer patients were also given financial assistance for setting up small businesses and educational support for children.

Presiding over programme, Prof Mohammad Akram (Chairman, Department of Radiotherapy) said: “It is heartening to see many cancer affected families receiving munificent support from the AligsCare at a time when financial hardship is becoming widespread and affecting millions of patients and their families as the costs of cancer care continue to increase”.

“We at AligsCare intend to become a valuable supporter to JNMC as the Omicron cases continue to surge rapidly. In doing so, we hope to spread and promote the core values of AMU in India and throughout the world”, said AMU alumna, Dr Samina Salim (President, AligsCare and faculty member at the University of Houston, Texas, USA).

Besides distributing masks and hygiene kits, the officials and volunteers of the AligsCare trained the cancer patients and people suffering with other diseases in the necessary precautions to curb Covid spread. In April 2021, through donations collected from USA based AMU alumni, AligsCare also provided the funds for the purchase of non-invasive ventilators installed at JNMC.

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