All female Ambassadors posted to the Netherlands join influential Dutch SER Topvrouwen network

On 8 March we celebrate International Women’s Day, marking women’s achievements and contributions to our societies. However, women still encounter significant obstacles. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is to ‘Choose to Challenge’ and call out gender bias and inequality. The diplomatic community in the Netherlands and SER Topvrouwen are united in their mission for equal representation of women in business and government. Investing in the potential of women and girls benefits the whole of society and we have a shared responsibility to build a more inclusive world.

Joanna Roper, British Ambassador to the Netherlands, says:

The UK and the Netherlands are close partners, working together to promote gender equality and inclusion in our own countries and around the world. As part of our EmbasShe initiative, we strive to achieve equality for women and girls in all aspects of life: access to education, equal pay, and representation in top positions across all sectors.

Caroline Holtgrefe, SER Topvrouwen Director, says:

SER Topvrouwen is proud that the ambassadors have joined the SER Top Women network. This connection contributes to our shared mission. And no doubt we can learn from and inspire each other!

Adia Sakiqi, Albanian Ambassador to the Netherlands, says:

I am privileged to chair such a powerful and fast-growing group of the Women Ambassadors to the Netherlands. Becoming part of SER Topvrouwen will take our group to another level, that of connectivity, as this network is there to inspire, support and empower.


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