All-Russian conference “Improving the efficiency of the forestry complex”

The annual Seventh All-Russian National Scientific and Practical Conference (with international participation) “Improving the efficiency of the forestry complex” was held at the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences of PetrSU.
The conference was dedicated to the memory of Ilya Romanovich Shegelman, whose activities began in the forestry complex, but his interests constantly went beyond the framework of exclusively forest science. His research in the field of the logging complex, systems of organization and management of production processes, intellectual property and business organization will remain in the focus of attention of researchers and practitioners for a long time.

The conference was held in full-time and part-time form simultaneously in the educational building and on the ZOOM platform.

The conference was attended by researchers, postgraduates, undergraduates and students of Petrozavodsk State University, Voronezh Forestry University, Institute of Forestry, Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman. Some of the talks were delivered and discussed through the ZOOM platform.

The topics of the reports were varied and corresponded to the directions of the conference:

Technology and machines for logging and woodworking;
Forest management, forestry, reforestation and forest protection, landscape construction;
Economics and management of forestry enterprises, marketing, management;
International cooperation in the study of logging and logistics.
The conference is held annually, as a result of which a collection of materials is published, indexed in the scientific electronic library of the information system “Russian Science Citation Index” (RSCI).


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