AMA Herbal Launches HûMaree®️ – World’s First 100% Herbal/ Natural Food Washes Range Enriching Foods for Holistic Wellness

-Launches a complete range of specialized washes with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients

Delhi : Upholding its mission to innovate and bring herbal, organic, and eco-friendly solutions in the consumer care segment, AMA Herbal has launched HûMaree®️, a brand of Vegetal Wellness.


HûMaree®️ is the world’s first extensive herbal/natural food washes range that aims to safeguard the consumers and their loved ones from possible harmful effects that various pesticides, insecticides, germs, bacteria, artificial coating, etc. have on humans as they get inadvertently contacted or consumed along with various foods. Addressing the same, HûMaree®️ has stepped up and introduced a wide range of washes that are 100% herbal/ natural.


With 7 variants, HûMaree®️ has built a strong portfolio of washes that are ECOCERT certified (organic certification from Europe) which shall help the discerning customers to suitably choose the right product wash for their foods. Basis the requirement, customers can choose the respective wash VegeSûre™️ for vegetables, FrûSure™️ for fruits, DalSûre™️ for pulses, EggSûre™️ for eggs, FishSûre™️ for fish, ChickenSûre™️ for chicken, and MeatSûre™️ for meat. The food wash range is enriched with the natural goodness of neem, tulsi, giloy, berberine extracts etc.


Prior to the launch, Humaree did a detailed analysis of the ingredients, their combinations, scientifically on the efficacy of each of the formulas in their research labs. To further ascertain the same, the products were sent for independent analysis and certification which further confirms the product’s capabilities to remove 99.9% of pesticides, insecticides, germs, bacteria, artificial coating, etc from the surface of various foods.


The beta phase testing with certain controlled user groups reflected positive responses and feedback which has helped in making the product & its packaging user-friendly.


Yawer Ali Shah, Co-Founder, and CEO of AMA Herbal said, “As a group, we are obsessed with bringing in the goodness of nature in a more purposeful and sustainable way for people. With this spirit our quest to find a 100% herbal/natural solution that helps our customers remove 99.9% of pesticides, insecticides, germs, bacteria, artificial coating, etc from the surface of the uncooked food, our new brand HuMaree has been launched today. With this, we continue to strive for more products under the HûMaree®️ brand that will lead to holistic wellness.”


“Since there is a variance in the outer layer of various fruits vs veggies and so is true for the bacterial load on meats vs chicken vs fish etc, the dedicated products have been scientifically prepared to address the specific need, thus making the entire range unique.” Yawer Ali Shah further added.


Head of the Bio-Chemistry Department at KGMU, Dr. Abbas Ali Mahdi published a study that found the presence of pesticides in our food not only disrupts our hormones and brings about developmental changes in our growing years but also starts affecting children even before they are born. He said, “It’s heartening to see that AMA Herbal has established a consumer brand Humaree that has dedicated itself to neutralizing the harmful pesticides in a completely herbal way. This is a welcome move especially when we have known ill effects of various chemicals that are affecting us humans which were highlighted in the recent research that was conducted by me. I am certain that people will understand the benefits and choose such a solution for their wellbeing.”


HûMaree®️’s complete range of products is currently available in over 5000 retail outlets across Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi- NCR, Mumbai and will be extended to other geographies in the coming quarters. Customers can also choose to go online for Humaree food washes in the products section or on various online e-commerce platforms including – Amazon, Flipkart, IndiaMART, Snapdeal, shophealthy and more.


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