Amalgamated Plantations Launches Digital Film to Celebrate the ‘Emotion Called Kolkata’

Kolkata: Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. (APPL), India’s second largest tea producing company has launched its digital brand campaign ‘Chumukei Paan,Shohorer Praan’(Taste your city in every sip), celebrating the eternal love for Kolkata and the nostalgia revolving around the city. The thematic campaign, of reviving Bengali’s love and nostalgic affinity for tea, resonates the brand which emotionally connects with its consumers.

The digital film showcases Calcutta, the old world charm and its eternal love for tea. It unboxes the magic of Calcutta and the love of a mother with ‘Majuli Mist, First Flush, Roasted Tea’, a premium roasted tea launched by APPL. Caringly crafted by the Master Blenders to delight consumers, especially those with a “Calcutta Connect”, the lingering aroma and rich mouthfeel of first flush attempts to capture the many moods of the city and its locked timelessness or unbound vibrancy, kaleidoscope with every sip. Every Bengali residing in any part of the world has the desire of being home during Bengal’s largest festival, Durga Puja. The film evokes the essence of strengthening the bond between Kolkata and its people with a freshly brewed cup of Majuli Mist First Flush.

Conceptualized by Eyelevel Cinema, the film will be promoted through all digital platforms including the social media assets of the brand. It is created as a story piece that showcases a mother’s affectionate reminder of the liveliness of Kolkata to her homesick daughter who misses every bit of the city. Unboxing the tea brings an instant magic in the ambience that takes her down the memory lane of Kolkata – with every sip in her first flush, she feels the belongingness to home and its wistful affection. Here is the link of the digital film:–I

While many Non-residential Bengalis will not be able to join their families this year to celebrate the grand festival in the City of Joy, others will try to enjoy keeping pace with the ‘New normal’. APPL’s campaign touches upon this scenario of today and ensures that the desire to embrace the beauty of Kolkata can be fulfilled, indulging in the smoky hot roasted tea. Curated in reminiscence of Bengali’s forever bond with the City of Joy, the campaign brings a refreshing feel in the hearts of all Bengalis to connect with their hometown in their own colours of perception.

Commenting on the launch of the digital film, Mr. Vikram Singh Gulia, MD and CEO, APPL said, “Majuli Mist, First Flush, Roasted Tea embraces the eternal bond of the city of Kolkata with tea. While all of us are trying to move on in life keeping the safety in mind, sharing a slice of Kolkata with a packet of Majuli Mist First Flush will be our gift for people in this festive season.”

While the campaign will be promoted digitally, it has also displayed strategic placements in outdoor hoardings to reach consumers.