Amara Raja Group announces inoculation drive for all its employees and their families

Tirupati: As a responsible corporate citizen committed to give back to the community it serves, Amara Raja Group, recently announced that it would be carrying out inoculation drive for all its employees and their immediate family members. Safeguarding employees’ health and wellbeing has always been one of the topmost priorities for Amara Raja Group. The announcement comes soon after the Government launched its vaccination program for all Indian citizens aged between 18 and 44.


For all their plant location employees, Amara Raja will initiate the workplace vaccination programme as per the Government guidelines, partnering with authorised healthcare organisations/agencies/PVCs and ensure that each of their employees get vaccinated, irrespective of their age, 18+. For all other employees, in non-plant locations, the cost for vaccination will be reimbursed to the employees.


Beyond the employees, Amara Raja also announced that it will provide reimbursement of the cost of vaccination for three immediate members of the family of all employees


Being eligible for this inoculation himself, Mr. Jayadev Galla, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Amara Raja Group said, “The second wave of the pandemic has gripped us all and the situation presently is worryingly unprecedented and uncertain. While, as an Organisation, we really laud the Government for their concerted efforts to help us wade out of the health crisis, we wanted to do the best we can on our part. We understand how indispensable it is for everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest and therefore, we are undertaking this collective drive for each of our employees, across ranks, as well as their immediate family members. We will actively participate and lead other such initiatives in the future, as and when the need arises.”


Prior to the pandemic, in the past, Amara Raja Group had undertaken several such initiatives for the benefit of their employees and other stakeholders.


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