Amazon India partners with World Vision India and responds to COVID 19 crisis

New Delhi: As people across the world unite to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon India and World Vision India stands in solidarity with the communities and are taking measures to help mitigate the risks they face as the pandemic spreads. Amazon India has listed World Vision India as one of their NGO partners and will donate 10% on top of the amount contributed by sponsors and will match with employee donations. As people across the world unite to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon India is committed to raise 100 crores to help people in need during these challenging times.

World Vision India has a long and rich experience of responding to human emergencies and disasters. All Donations to World Vision India is tax exempt u/s 80G of IT Act 1961.

The last date to make a donation through Amazon India is 6:00 pm on 15th April 2020.


Funds raised will go towards the following areas:

* Promoting preventive measures and distributing hygiene products to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19

* Supporting children and families made vulnerable by COVID-19 through direct cash transfers, providing food supplies and other relief assistance

Large sections are staring at joblessness, immediate loss of income and the means of sustenance, as these households depend on daily income. The existing economic slowdown, now worsened by the virus and the necessary lockdown, has affected all sectors. People dependent on the informal economy including agricultural laboureres, domestic workers and migrant labourers are now without income and their livelihood is under severe threat.

World Vision India is on ground distributing Personal Protective Equipment (including masks, hand sanitizers, soaps and other personal hygiene items) to children, families and health workers. Efforts are still ongoing. Teams on ground have also been promoting prevention behaviours, offering essential health advice and psychosocial support.

World Vision India is also working with various stakeholders, including government agencies, in order to build resilience of the most marginalised communities in the times of this pandemic.