sets up a Planetarium for students in Thane

Mumbai:, under the aegis of its Amazon Cares program has set up a mini Planetarium in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra to enhance the science education facilities for students. In line with its vision of supporting the development of the local communities it operates in, one of the main pillars of the program is to promote education and facilitate quality learning amongst children in the neighboring communities.

The Planetarium is created at Kurund Zilla Parishad School in association with Amazon’s implementing Partner IWC Foundation. The company will closely work with the Thane Education Department in their endeavor to provide quality science education to the future generation. The Planetarium will be handed over to the Education Department after the initial management.

Speaking on the launch of the Planetarium, Mr. Dhananjay Ramaswamy, Director, Amazon India Fulfilment – West and East said, “We are excited to announce the opening of the planetarium that we have set up for students in Bhiwandi as a part of our Amazon Cares program. The objective of this program is to encourage curiosity among students and create a desire to know and explore the subject of space studies, by interesting means of learning in the form of ‘show-and-tell’. We want to nurture the future of these kids with the best available amenities. We would like to express our gratitude to the District Education Department for their partnership in setting up this facility for students in Bhiwandi.

The Planetarium is facilitated with 3D projectors to enhance the space viewing experience for children. The Planetarium will also provide detailed information about the sky, space and astronomical concepts which will help them in their curriculum. Around 1300 schools in Thane district will have access to the Planetarium and this futuristic form of learning.

The company has initiated many CSR programs in Bhiwandi to create opportunities and empower communities to transform lives. The holistic program aims to create and facilitate all-round development of students, women, youth and the local community across all age groups through the use of technology and digital literacy tools. Some of the key education activities initiated in Bhiwandi include digitization of schools, setting up of an e-library, teacher training programs and training on water management in schools.

The Amazon Cares program demonstrates the philosophy of being good neighbours through several such activities undertaken in areas where its employees and customers reside. The company imbibes this philosophy to empower and engage its employees, customers, sellers, local communities and other stakeholders in its contributions to create opportunities and transform lives.