Ambuja ‘Kawach’ recognized globally by Solar Impulse Foundation’s efficient solution label

Mumbai: Ambuja Kawach, the high quality water-repellent cement brand of Ambuja Cement, has been endorsed globally by the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label, recognizing the Company’s innovative product that protects the environment in a profitable way. Ambuja ‘Kawach’ is the first cement brand from India to be awarded this label. It is one of ten LafargeHolcim solutions recognized by Solar Impulse Foundation’s efficient solution label, for its world-leading technologies that protect the environment in a profitable way.

In 2018 the Solar Impulse Foundation began its challenge to select 1,000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way. The aim was to present these solutions to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation. Selected solutions receive a label from the Solar Impulse Foundation as proof of their positive environmental and economic impact. Each awarded solution was strictly assessed by a pool of independent experts.

Ambuja ‘Kawach’ is a cement that shields against water seepage and chemicals, making structures more durable and sustainable. Ambuja ‘Kawach’ has 33% less carbon footprint in comparison to Standard (OPC) cement. Ambuja ‘Kawach’ is specially formulated to prevent water seepage in the most effective manner, resulting in improved durability and service life of house.

“Our research and innovation team works continuously on introducing products which are not only innovative in nature but are also responsible and sustainable. Ambuja ‘Kawach’ has been developed to meet needs of customers to prevent water seepage through various elements of the house. The product is developed in collaboration with LafargeHolcim’s global R & D Centre at Lyon, France. We are very determined to follow responsible and cost-effective measures, to deliver sustainability and innovation into our product design, production and supply chain management,” said Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, CEO& MD, Ambuja Cements Ltd.




Launched in 2020, Ambuja ‘Kawach’ gained immense traction among customers. Since its launch, a total of 3.88 lakh tonnes of Ambuja ‘Kawach’ cement was consumed by our customers for making their homes more durable.




Due to the pandemic, the Company was unable to reach customers physically, so it decided to launch Ambuja ‘Kawach’ virtually for the first time in Ambuja’s history. This premium product has been launched successively across several markets in India, reaching around 5,000 dealers in 2020. This initiative focuses on Ambuja’s two strategic priorities – innovation and sustainability. It is an integral part of Ambuja Cement’s continuous effort to become the ‘Most Innovative, Sustainable and Competitive Building Solutions Company in India’.


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