Amid Covid-19 Second Wave Lockdowns, Finance Skilling Start-up Equity Levers Conducts a Free Virtual Competition to Test the Practical Finance Skills of Learners


New Delhi: “Learning by doing” has been scientifically proven as the best way to learn any subject or skill whatsoever. However, while the current finance learning ecosystem offers excellent and easily accessible textbooks and video lectures, learners do not have easy access to pre-built live projects for finance subjects. Currently, live project exposure has to be built on by respective instructors and or candidates from raw data on their own. This limits the number and range of projects available for practical exposure and real-world application of the finance skills being learnt. In a bid to mitigate this problem, Equity Levers – an online financial literacy and skilling platform founded by CA Badri Narayanan – has come up with a unique and time-relevant solution in the form of a free-of-cost practical skill’ based virtual competition for budding finance learners in India.


Amid the ongoing lockdowns/shutdowns in various parts of the country to curb the spread of the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak, Equity Levers is inviting finance aspirants to participate in their innovative virtual competition, which is currently in progress and will go on till 30th June 2021. The competition offers a set of 10 free test bundles, and the top 50 scorers in each test bundle will be hereafter awarded certifications by the next month, i.e. July 2021. To know more and register yourself for the competition, visit:


Speaking about the initiative (competition), Badri Narayan, Founder & CEO, Equity Levers says, “We at Equity Levers strongly believe that mastering financial concepts is very much like learning to play cricket or learning to dance — the more time one would spend in solving real-life problems, the deeper would be his/her understanding. Keeping that in mind, we are glad to facilitate this simulation-centric finance skills competition, which is also a part of our flagship Finance Skills e-Library project. At the time when most educational institutions across various parts of India are under shutdown due to the ongoing second wave of the pandemic, we are confident that through these free online bundles offered via Equity Levers’ online competition, the finance learners and aspirants of our country will be successfully able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, get an exposure of how real-world finance operations take place and get insights into what core finance skills will be required for landing their dream job/enhancing employability to achieve a prosperous career in the finance sector.”


During the early stage of his career, CA Badri Narayan had experienced that solving real projects in the finance sector required application with several concepts from different chapters of one or more textbooks. Back in those days, no platform offered live projects and this led to delay in skilling and development of work temperament. To address this critical skill development gap among budding finance aspirants, he founded Equity Levers, based on the idea and vision that solving real problems will help young professionals build work temperament and confidence. Today, offers 125 basic to advanced finance skill projects in Excel across 10 major accounting, finance and securities finance subjects; these projects – set in the Indian context with real-time data from companies — help prepare learners for job roles in investing, accounting, treasury, trading, wealth management and so on. Each learner gets personalized real data sets to solve in most of the 125 skill simulations.


Given the products unique practical skilling and adaptive learning feature, Equity levers Finance Skill Library product received approval from the National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT), AICTE, Ministry of Education – a body that evaluates the best technological solutions in education technology for enhancing the employability of the youth and skill development.


Equity Levers has 2 products, one for use by instructors and one for candidates:


● For Instructors to “train and test finance skills”: This is a B2B product, which is used by institutions to assign practice problems and tests its learners and candidates. The advanced learning management system of Equity Levers enables easy assignment and progress monitoring by instructors and selectors. This product is now being used at reputed institutions such as at IIMs and ISB and other leading colleges in India. For academia, the live projects align perfectly with the university curriculum for core and elective finance courses.


● For Learners to “skill up” – ‘Finance skill library’: Launched in April 2021, it is a B2C product for candidates who are looking to get placed or who want to upskill. This product is enabled with adaptive learning features for candidates to learn as they solve live problems. Also, learners get auto certified based on their scores.


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