Amid Social Distancing Due To COVID-19, KLAY Preschools And Daycare Brings Its Classroom To Homes Through It’s KLAY@Home Initiative

Bangalore, India: In the light of the developing situation around COVID-19 in India, KLAY Preschools and Daycare, the country’s largest non-franchised chain of preschools and day care centres, launched it’s online learning and engagement program KLAY@Home. This is the first of many ‘learning at home’ products and services to be provided under the umbrella of ‘KLAY@Home’ by KLAY Preschools.

As the Coronavirus prompted Indian states to shut down schools in the interest of public safety, parents came under the pressure of looking after their children at home while managing work. With an aim to help it’s parents solve for the challenge of engaging children physically and intellectually, KLAY embarked on providing 1-hour sessions through the week for it’s children, digitally. The resources that are being made available are aligned to the KLAY curriculum and are built to enrich the child’s learning based on what has already been taught. The program currently exclusively to KLAY children (2-6 years age group) and includes offline activities to engage the child post the session.

Speaking on the launch, Priya Krishnan, Founder and CEO of KLAY said, “In such trying times, we at KLAY, have been thinking about how to continue the learning for our children, thereby enabling parents to spend time positively with the family. KLAY@Home is an attempt in this direction. This has been a long vision in the making to support families at home. Additionally, we are working with our community to ensure they are enabled to follow standard hygiene guidelines, cope emotionally during the crisis, and use this time positively. We hope families are spending quality time with their little ones and discovering their inner child”

So far, the program has seen an overwhelming response with over 2500 parents logging in along with their children to attend each session. KLAY hopes to continue improving the session quality based on feedback from parents.

Speaking on the initiative, Dipa Chandrashekar, mother of Sid Gangadharan who goes to KLAY’s K1 program at Bangalore said, “I found KLAY@Home to be a great initiative. It helps the little ones to stay in-touch with the routine they had at KLAY during the regular school days. My son was glad to get back to the familiarity of KLAY environment, despite it being online. I noticed that my son was excited to sing along with the teachers and to listen and answer the questions. It also helps him realize that this is only a temporary change and we would all be back to our normal routines soon. During such uncertain times, as parents, we do not expect anything specifically from the school and hence, all efforts that KLAY is putting forth in spite of this is phenomenal”.

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