Amit Trivedi & Nishant Suri bring the curtains down on Unmaad 2020, the three-day cul-fest organized by the students of IIM Bangalore

Bangalore: Unmaad 2020, the three-day cultural fiesta organized, with aplomb, by the students of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), came to a close with Amit Trivedi keeping the crowd enthralled after Nishant Suri had them in splits. Amit’s Bollywood hits brought down the curtains on what is arguably Bangalore’s most awaited campus fest.

Unmaad 2020 also saw the presence of film critic Anupama Chopra, Co-founder of Radio Mirchi A.P. Parigi, and Programming Head of Zee5 India Aparna Acharekar address students. They spoke about the influence of digital media in transforming the way people consume content. This was followed by a panel discussion with actors Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswani Dayama, Andre Borges, content creator, Sejal Kumar, YouTuber and fashion blogger, Viraj Ghelani, actor and content creator of FilterCopy, and Mukesh Chhabra, casting director. They deliberated on creative freedom in digital content-making such as web series, immediate real-time audience feedback in the form of comments, fact-checking news, and criticism.

The second day of Unmaad 2020 saw events like ‘Get Set Solo’ and ‘Genesis’, where participated rocked the dance floor. ‘No Strings Attached’ showcased western and eastern fusion music bands. A variety of literary and quizzing events got participants using their brainpower to battle it out. ‘Kissa Kaviyon Ka’ was all about poetry writing skills and was divided into ‘Haasya Kavitha’ (humourous poems) and ‘Prem Kavitha’ (love poems). ‘Sp-Ent Enough’, a sports and entertainment quiz rewarded TV buffs and hardcore sports enthusiasts. ‘Mission Improv-able’ challenged those with skills in drama to improvise the scripts given to them and they kept the audience guessing throughout their performance and ‘SOLOloquy’ proved to be a test of theatrical skills.

Fun events included ‘Beg Borrow Selfie’, ‘Mr. and Ms. Unmaad’, ‘Chef’s Hat’, and ‘Snatch’. Beg Borrow Selfie nudged the contestants to outwit their opponents in the ultimate race to collect the most ludicrous items and pose with them . Mr. and Ms. Unmaad was a test of personality, wit and attitude. Chef’s Hat got food enthusiasts all excited while Snatch, a gaming event with quirky challenges based on some funky rules, brought the house down.

On the creative front, participants got to impress in events like ‘It’s Flippin Good’, where they designed doodles, animations, and cartoon characters based on unique elements given to them. ‘Rap-a-round’ brought hip-hop culture to campus and ‘Gag in the Bag’ was a stand-up comedy show.

The second day came to an end with electrifying performances by the band, Indi Graffiti, and DJ Dualist Inquiry while ‘Unplugged Nights’ saw performances from artistes of the World Cultural Fiesta (WCF) line-up.

The third and final day of Unmaad 2020 had ‘Just Duet’ (choreography contest), ‘War of Superstars’ (solo dance), ‘Voice of Unmaad’ (solo song), ‘Curtain Call’ (drama), JAM (impromptu oratory), ‘Pursuit of Dispute’ (debate), and ‘Pen Express’ (creative writing). Rock bands competed in the B-School of Rock and performed in English and regional languages.

Other highlights of the fest included ‘Live the Dream’, a dreamcatcher-making competition, ‘Survival of the Finest’, an art relay competition with tasks like charcoal sketching, photography and brushless painting, and ‘Food Wars’, an eat-as-much-as-you-can contest.

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