Amity Finishing School launched during INBUSH by noted International Academicians

Noida: Amity International Business School (AIBS) started its annual prestigious and mega International Research Conference- 18th INBUSH ERA World Summit from 7th to 9th February 2018 on the theme “Dream, Dare, Discover, Define & Deliver – Drivers for Global Success” at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida Campus.

The Conference would witness discussions and deliberations by leading Academicians, Diplomats and Corporate Leaders from India and abroad including USA, UK, Nigeria, Singapore, Italy, Japan, Netherlands etc. on the theme of the Summit, thereby making it a highly acclaimed annual Summit of any B School across Asia.

Welcoming the distinguished galaxy of delegates from across the globe, Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, Amity Group Vice Chancellor and Director General – AIBS & Amity University Greater Noida stated that dreams are very important and all great professionals, leaders and educationists across the world have been great dreamers and they are remembered forever for their dreams, strong determination and deliverance. He shared that at Amity, students are encouraged to dream big and work towards bringing constructive changes in the society. He shared that Amity has more than 370 collaborations with Universities/Institutions across the globe, aiming to provide Amity students with global exposure. He highlighted that during three day Summit, 500 research papers will be presented and 14 UGC Journals will be released.

Sharing his views, Prof. Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor, University of Northampton, UK remarked that higher education in UK is the best in the World providing global exposure and invited Indian students to pursue higher education from Universities in UK. Prof. Petford advised students that if they have to make a difference to their lives, they need to do everything with passion and dedication which will ensure success for them in the long run. Prof. Petford, on being posed a question during Panel Discussion as to how new Universities should look like, replied that new age Universities should develop different style of learning and focus on digital advancements, promote creative thinking amongst the students and should prepare students to face professional challenges better.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Chris Hoehn-Saric, Chairman, Shorelight Education, US presented a brief about Shorelight Education, US and highlighted that Shorelight Education has the same motto as Amity ie. to provide quality education to the students across the world. He announced that Shorelight has strategic partnership with Amity, as part of which students of Amity are provided opportunities for further education and access to resources. He stressed that in any country, higher education is the main driver of individual success and growth of the economy.

Prof. Tim Blackman, Vice Chancellor, Middlesex University, UK, while commending Amity, stated that Amitians have a sense of passion to change the world with their skills, knowledge and ethics. He remarked that it is important for educational Institutions to promote economic productivity, embrace diversity and promote the understanding of the diversities of various cultures. He expressed that today’s world need people with diverse thinking and that diversity needs to be accepted in order to bring together people from diverse backgrounds. He stressed that he is looking forward to a sustainable and long lasting friendship with Amity and stressed that exchange of skills and expertise through collaborations is important to nurture the students better.

Sharing three important skills to be acquired by students for becoming globally successful, Prof. Tony Drew, Dean of Business School, University of New Castle, Australia stressed that being cooperative, having innovative mindset and a potential to embrace cross cultural sensitivity will help students in acquiring global mindset.

During the Conference, a book titled “Quality, IT and Business Operations”, authored by Prof. P K Kapoor- Amity International Business School and published by Springer (India) Private Limited was released.

Amity Finishing School was launched today by Ms. Jaishree Chauhan-Vice Chairperson, Amity Finishing School along with several VCs of International Universities.

Taking inspiration from the Swiss Finishing Schools and imbibing the Amity’s ideals of Indian values and cultural excellence, Amity started a Finishing School to meet the needs of todays’ time where men as well as women need grooming and training into deportment and social graces. At Amity Finishing School, the curriculum involves working with the students over a period of time to ensure that they are ready to face the challenges of personal and professional lives with equal ease. As every individual is different so are his/her needs , therefore, different program levels have been designed to groom them based on their requirements.

The inauguration was followed by Panel Discussion on “Dream, Dare, Discover, Define and Deliver – Strategies for Educational Institutions for Global Success” by noted academicians across the globe such as Prof. Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor, University of Northampton, UK, Prof. Martin George Bean, Vice Chancellor, RMIT University, Australia, Prof. Tim Blackman, Vice Chancellor, Middlesex University, UK, Prof. Andrew George, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Brunel University London, Prof. Chris Hoehn-Saric, Chairman, Shorelight Education, US, Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr M. Mustafa Ishak, Vice Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia and Prof. Dr. Azarae, Vice Chancellor, Genovasi University College, Malaysia.

The Panelists deliberated upon why Indians are more successful abroad and attributed the same to lack of opportunities in India and their belief in their own potential led some of them to relocate themselves. All of them unanimously stressed that entrepreneurship approach is needed in India.

Prof. Andrew George, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Brunel University London, during Panel Discussion, emphasized on the need for internationalization to make students global leaders of tomorrow. He stressed on the importance of diversity and remarked that diversity helps in taking better decisions in organisations, government policy making etc.. He expressed his hope that during the Conference will help students to develop thinking, understanding and imagination around the theme of the Conference.

During the occasion, Prof. Martin George Bean, Vice Chancellor, RMIT University, Australia was conferred with “Amity Global Academic Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award” for his unparalleled contribution to the global education sector.

“Amity Global Academic Excellence Awards” were conferred upon Prof. Andrew George, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Brunel University London; Prof. Dr. Azarae, Vice-Chancellor, Genovasi University College, Malaysia; Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr M. Mustafa Ishak, Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia; Prof. Abdulla Alhawaj, Founding President and Chairman of Board, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain and Prof. H.G. Parsa, Professor & Director, International Business Major Chair, International CHRIE Research Academy, Co-Chair, International Conference in Revenue Management and Pricing, France Daniels College of Business, University of Denver.

Prof. K. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Choudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agriculture University, Haryana; Prof. G Nageswara Rao- Vice Chancellor, Andhra University and Prof. A. Damodaram, VC, Sri Venkatashwara University, Tirupati were honored with Amity Academic Excellence Awards.

During the inaugural session, 9 MoUs were signed by Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh with Prof. Dr. Azarae- Vice Chancellor, Genovasi University College, Malaysia; Dr. M Mustafa Ishak- Vice Chancellor, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Dr. Abdul Rahman Hameed- Vice Chancellor, Ghalib University, Afghanistan , Mr. Pradeep Sharma- Director of International Affairs, Rana University, Afghanistan; Prof. Tony Drew, Dean of Business School, University of New Castle, Australia.

Three Declarations of Strengthening of Friendships were signed with Prof. Andrew George- Deputy Vice Chancellor, Brunel University, UK; Prof. Chris Hoehn-Saric, Chairman, Shorelight Education, US and Prof. Abdulla Alhawaj- Founding President and Chairman of Board- Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain.