Amity International School students bag top five awards for Innovation and Creativity during the National Competition EPIC 2021

New Delhi: Amity International School students have bagged the top five awards during Empowering Pupil innovation and Creativity Competition, EPIC 2021 conducted by CSIR –Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow, as a part of CSIR Jigyasa, an initiative taken by the CSIR to inspire and motivate the youth to develop innovative scientific thought process and temperament.

As part of the selection criteria, 25 entries were shortlisted from more than 3000 total entries received from all over the country. For the next round, students had to present the innovation in the form of a power point presentation in front of a panel of judges consisting of scientists & educationists, for which mentoring sessions were conducted by the CSIR in order to refine and improve upon their innovation.

The students submitted their final entries through virtual presentation followed by a Q&A round. Out of 25 short listed projects under this scheme, the top five winners were from Amity International Schools. Delighted on this occasion, Dr Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools, said, “A country’s development is dependent on research and innovation in every field and we are extremely proud of our students’ outstanding victory at EPIC 2021 which had “Innovation” as its theme. We are thrilled to see that our students, at such a young age, are capable of winning such tough competitions and showcase their talent, knowledge and extraordinary skills and creativity. Their future is certainly bright and I’m sure they will keep making us proud through their best endeavours consistently.”

Dhruvi Gupta from Amity International School, Sector-6, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad was declared the winner under the Innovation titled, “Innovative Easy Brush” and was given Rs 10,000 as cash prize money. Innovative Easy Brush is a thin sterile paper which can be used with a few drops of water, like paper soap and helps frequent travellers to brush during their trip, which takes care of their oral hygiene. While Adite Sharma from the same school was announced as the Third Runner-up for the innovation titled “Suraksha Kit” and was awarded a cash prize of Rs 5,000. The Surakha Box devised by her, comes with unique features- Ultraviolet C (UVC) Light based sanitization process, convenient metal box, ergonomic design, automatic cut off and aids in disinfecting a wide variety of products such as keys, masks, wallets, etc.

Abhinav Prem from Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi was the First Runner-up under the Innovation titled, “Stubby Bot – An Agriculture Robot for properly managing stubble” and was given Rs 7,500 as cash prize money. The stubby-bot is a mobile biogas plant in which farmers can feed their stubble waste and it also helps in generating electricity and biogas using a microbial fuel cell. The project aims to tackle the problem of stubble burning in farms of rural India as well as the issue of lack of clean fuel for domestic purposes in the houses.


Gunek Singh Chaddha from Amity International School, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi was the Second Runner-up for the Innovation titled, “Heat disinfectant Kit” and was given Rs 5,000 as cash prize money. He proposed a cost-effective model of a disinfectant kit which consists of a self-cleaning mask and a heat killer box, which is very useful during the current coronavirus pandemic. While Yash Wadhwa and Diya Mahalwal from the same school were the Fourth Runner-ups winning the award for the innovation titled, “UV’s WAND (Ultraviolet Sensor Sanitizer) “ and were given a cash prize of Rs 5,000 each. The WAND can be used to clean surfaces such as paper, money, switches and vegetables which cannot be cleaned by liquid sanitizer.


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