Amity University announced the organization of a 5-day faculty development program sponsored by ATAL -AICTE

New Delhi:Amity University announced the organization of a 5-day faculty development program sponsored by ATAL -AICTE.
The persistent learning and refreshing skills of each person in this difficult coronavirus season are of utmost importance. Amity University Uttar Pradesh works tirelessly to ensure that their duties to society and education are fulfilled. AICTE (ATAL) sponsored Amity Business School, Amity University Greater Noida to conduct the 5-day Online Faculty Development (FDP) program. The theme of FDP is “ORGANIZATIONAL HAPPINESS”. Over 200 academics, companies, exploration researchers, government authorities and teachers from the CBSE school will have the chance to attend FDP online sessions.
Speaking on the FDP, Professor (Dr) Gurinder Singh, Vice Chancellor of Amity Universities Group, said that Amity University is committed to the well-being of every individual and is working day and night to raise the educational standards. Dr Singh explained the theme of the FDP, namely Organizational Happiness: the crystallization of self by integrating body, mind and soul, and said that organizational happiness is a sign of health, prosperity and organizational sustainability. Its absence has proven to be the main source of disruption and failure of organizations on many levels. On the contrary, its presence can transform the past, for a better future of organizations, thus strengthening the society and the nation. ”
The group’s vice-chancellor, Amity Universities, added that in this program, participants will have explored the broad channels on how organizational happiness flows by integrating bodily discipline, opening up the creative energies of the individual and the ‘team and dissolving emotional stopping points for team performance. Participants will be exposed to real-life cases led by body-mind-soul experts. At the end of the day, participants will be able to visualize, imagine and contribute to their organizational happiness in important ways. He mentioned that the FDP will last five days, from December 7 to 11, 2020.

Dean Management Brig. HS Dhanny says soft skills trainers, business leaders, CHROs, CXOs, social institution training managers who have been given the mandate to increase organizational happiness will also get a refreshing appeal and will certainly be exposed. to a new dimension of the integration body. -mind to awaken the soul.
The head of the FDP, Prof. Bhawna Kumar, Vice-President of RBEF, mentioned that a certificate of participation will be issued by AICTE according to the rules of participation and the online assessment based on the exam.
Professor Nitin Arora, Professor Shikha Kapoor, Dr Poornima Madan and Ms Tillotama Singh were present at the briefing.