Amity University Gurgaon organised Ganga Awareness art exhibition at National Museum, New Delhi

New Delhi: For the first time in India, a programme on Ganga Awareness – GANGA- River of Life & Eternity is organising a painting & installation art exhibition today at National Museum, New Delhi. An exhibition exploring the briefs, histories, traditions, arts and cultures of India that emanate from Ganga as a river and a Goddess from the National Museum Collection. Chief Guest of the inauguration is Prof Lokesh Chandra and Curator is Shakeel Hussain.

From all over the India only 12 artists were selected who are going to showcase their paintings & installations in the event out of which 4 artists are from Amity University Gurgaon. All of them are working as fine arts faculty in the university.
Participating Artists:
• Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mallik (Contemporary Painting) HOD, ASFA , AUH
• Mr Abhijit Mohanty (Surrealistic Painting) Faculty, Dept of Print Making , ASFA, AUH
• Mr. Umesh Nayak ( Installation) Faculty , Dept of Sculpture, ASFA , AUH
• Mr. Rakesh Chaudhury (Photo-realism Painting) Faculty, Dept. of Applied Arts, ASFA , AUH

Dr Ranjan Mallik, HOD, ASFA, AUH said “I have experience of about 13 years as an artist but this is for the first time we are participating in such event which is close to mother earth and for the awareness protect Ganga river.”