Amity University Gurugram held its open house session for students

New Delhi, June 2019: Amity University, Gurugram, India’s leading university for innovation and research, held its open house session for students and parents. The academic counseling session observed talks on skills required to bridge the industry-academia gap, internationalization and global prospects for students and how students can achieve their dream careers.

The panelist Prof Dr. Padamakali Banerjee, the Hon’ble Pro-Vice-Chancellor, guided students about different courses and addressed their queries to help them make an informed decision. Over 150 students participated in the session. Amity University believes in offering new-age courses and promoting leadership among students. The academic guidance, by the renowned leader in education, was the way to guide aspiring students to identify their skill set.

Amity University, Gurugram has 150 programmes covering 60 disciplines. The university is ranked among the top by NIRF rankings with 1000+ faculty and scientists. The Amity Group faculty has also filed over 1040 patents.

Prof Dr. Padamakali Banerjee, Hon’ble Pro Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram, who is an eminent academic leader, said, “Every inquisitive applicant long for all the relevant information about the college and the courses they aspire to get admitted to. At Amity University Gurugram, we believe in making the process easily accessible for students and parents and provide them with the requisite information. The session also provided students with an opportunity for a hands-on experience of Amity’s courses, life at campus, and other relevant information that they need to know before stepping in the college.”