Amity University offering International & 3 C programs- a unique An opportunity to get global exposure with foregn degree in this covid 19 crisis

Amity University is offering International & 3 C programs- an unique opportunity to get global exposure with foreign degree in this covid 19 crisis

Every year more than 7.5 lakh Indian students travel abroad to almost 90 countries to persue their higher education in reputed Universities, which seems to be very difficult this year. COVID-19 has put an impending challenge to all such aspiring & desrving students, and under current scenario, such options seems difficult to opt in at least in the recent future.

Amity University being globally recognised brand has come forward to help such students with number of international programs, 3 continent program, global transfer programs so that students can earn foreign degree at very low cost without travelling abroad at this moment. In this regard, today Amity University organized an online session for aspirants who are looking for international exposure and were planning to travel abroad for higher education.

The theme of session was “Education beyond Classrooms- Explore the world through new age 3 Continent, Study Abroad & International Programs”. The session was conducted by Prof. (Dr) Gurinder Singh, Group Vice-Chancellor Amity Education Group.

Prof.(Dr.) Gurinder Singh In his address, shared his global experiences with aspirants and said that we have lot of options for earning Degree from reputed Foreign Universities sby enrolling in international and 3 continent Programs at Amity University. Highlighting the unique features of above programs, Dr. Singh told that students can opt for international or 3 continent program in which they will study one part of their program in India and remaining in reputed Universities at abroad. He added that number of globally recognised Universities such as University of Birmingham, Queen Mary University of London, Brunel University, University of Northampton, Arizona State University, University of Queensland, and many more have signed Mou with Amity in this regard. Industry interaction, cultural awareness, foreign language training, and experience in latest technological environment, will allow each student to gain a deep insight of what it takes to be a truly global leader. He further told that Students of any program at Amity can opt for SAP in any semester and travel abroad in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE etc for global exposure.

He further added that Amity has also excelled in providing new age Program under the Education 4.0 twining latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Big Data Sciences etc. within each domain giving them a unique exposure, hands on practical experience through Industry Internships inculcating outstanding skills in the learners with extraordinary competencies levels making them fully Industry ready.

The session had a question and answer session in the end where the participants put forward many important questions to the speakers which were answered clearly and precisely both in English and Hindi language by Director Admission, Dean’s and HOIs. live question answer handling session handled by domain-specific experts made it more meaningful and interesting.