Amity University Online Transforms Education Scenario for Rural India

New Delhi: Amity University Online is a pioneer in implementing new digital technologies to make quality education accessible to all. Their unique partnerships with CSC Academy and eSkill India enables academic delivery across last-mile regions in India. As a private university partner in these government flagship programs, Amity University Online has become a seminal part of transforming the face of non-urban areas.

The ongoing pandemic has put constraints on learning, especially in the unreachable regions of India, which face multiple barriers to continuous learning. Amity University Online addresses the common causes that lead to disruption in education and provides digitized solutions to overcome these barriers.


Programs designed to aid accessibility

Migration is evidently seen in these last-mile regions for two prominent reasons – quality education and lucrative employment. As these regions do not have good colleges or infrastructure that supports higher education, student’s future is dependent on chances of migration and other associated issues.


Publicly invested learning institutions like CSC Academy and eSkill India aim to transform the rural education scenario by providing education access using the latest digital technology. As an academic partner in these government initiatives, Amity University Online helps to deliver its globally accredited programs at the grassroot level.

Bringing the classroom into your home

The government’s focus on creating a Digital India has paved the way for digital education. These online programs do not require students to migrate or travel on a regular basis. They can learn with minimum requirements like a smartphone with an internet connection from the comfort of their homes. The programs aimed at independent learning do not require a fixed schedule and large brick and mortar infrastructures. The focus stays on learning anytime, anywhere.


Designed to reduce dropout rates

India has a dropout rate of 12.7% at the undergraduate level, prominently in non-urban areas due to lack of guidance, financial support, and other issues.


With their easy, flexible programs built with scope for a semester drop, students can learn from anywhere and anytime. With extensive learning materials available in different formats like videos, e-books, animations, and more, Amity Online aims to reduce the dropout percentage with interactive and easy learning.

Global trust and link to employability

Often online education is linked to less academic rigour and low-level learning outcomes. At Amity University Online, the focus is to make the learner employable. Hence, each year the curriculum is analysed through rigorous evaluation bodies and global accreditation teams to map the learning outcomes to employability. As these courses are designed for working professionals, the importance given to building the right skillset is foremost.


With benefits like globally reputed faculty members, updated curriculum, research-oriented learning, ample assignments, live classes, and forums for discussions, Amity University Online offers a world-class learning ecosystem.


Inclusive and wholistic learning environment

Regular classroom-based learning sometimes becomes a deterrent to continue education, in a country like India where girls cannot go beyond their villages to pursue higher education. In such scenarios, online classroom learning in synchronous and asynchronous formats acts like a boon to irradicate these social and physical barriers.


This in a way helps to make learning a more inclusive and wholistic experience. Even if the student misses a live lecture, recordings of the same are easily available to consume later. In addition, learnings through videos, quizzes and animation makes it an enjoyable and engaging journey. Differently abled students or students with special needs also find access to quality education through Amity University Online.


Overall, Amity Online has made it easier for students to fulfill their career ambitions and become responsible citizens. Right from preparing them for managerial positions to future leaders, the university has been instrumental in transforming careers for many professionals in the urban landscape. Now these waves of change would be felt in the rural India through the last mile delivery model of CSC academy, empowering the future Indian workforce.


This coming together of the leading online university with government initiatives has established a new chapter in education. Especially in rural areas, global education programs by Amity University Online have been receiving great acclaim. Amity University Online aims to transform the Indian employability and learning landscape with their mission of building the nation through education.