Amity University organizes 12th International Conference– CONFLUENCE’ 2022

Witnesses participation from about 110 experts from more than 35 countries

New Delhi: Amity School of Engineering Technology, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, organized IEEE Sponsored 12th International Conference– CONFLUENCE’ 2022 themed on “Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering” virtually.


Confluence-2022 aimed at bringing together Professionals, Academicians, Industry Experts, Researchers and technology enthusiasts to discuss various emerging trends and innovations, share research results and new directions in the field of next generation technologies. It provided a platform for Industry and Academia for sharing advancements in Research and Development in upcoming areas of Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering.


Inaugurating the Confluence, Shri Manish Tewari, CIO, Fractal, averred, “The theme for the Confluence is very apt and relevant during the present times. The increasing use of technology has been adopted in our lives during the Pandemic. The entire world has understood the power of technology and has become a part of the change as it has developed our digital potential. The ability to connect with anyone, anywhere has reduced the negative impact of Covid and given a new dimension to business and education. The Covid crisis has provided resilience to the human brain, however, the last two years have been challenging for some industries but Covid has given a boost to digital transformation. The culture of cooperation has been promoted and new doors of opportunity have been opened for India. The Covid crisis has given an opportunity to further develop technology in which Data Science is playing an important role.”


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Anant Agarwal, Founder & CEO, edX, stated, “edX is a technological innovation where we connect the learner with the education provider. We are associated with world renowned institutions and in the context of learner centricity, COVID has brought about a major change in education.” Explaining the four major changes in future education, he further stated, “The first change is online life-long learning, the second is the small modular programme, the third is hybrid education on campus and the fourth are human skills in corporate education. During Covid, human values-based courses such as leadership, communication and intelligence have made it to the top 15 courses.”


Addressing the gathering, Dr. J. Ramkumar, Professor, IIT Kanpur and Past Chairperson, IEEE UP Section, said, “Social innovation and medical innovation are very important today. Data science, especially data informatics, is a rapidly evolving field. Artificial Intelligence is being used to know the medical requirements in special areas, besides providing information about the diseases which are spreading rapidly. Data Science is being used in the health sector as well as in the area of disaster management. Amity has always emphasized on Research and Innovation and this platform will provide path-breaking ideas to young minds.”


Sharing his views on the occasion, Shri Deepak Talwar, National Security Officer, Microsoft, said, “Microsoft’s aim is to empower every individual and institution and today we are living in very uncertain times, owing to the Pandemic. We do less and type more, we talk less to humans and are more connected to machines. At least 2.5 hours are spent every day by each one of us on social media. Every company today is a software company whether it is education, production, medical or any other. People buy the same technology that they believe in and soon, like in Europe, we will have a data protection bill. Cybersecurity is the responsibility of every individual and we have to work together to prevent cyber crime.”



Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University, remarked, “The Confluence aims to provide a dynamic platform for Industry-Academia interactions through experience sharing and bombardment of innovative ideas. The networking will further create a synergy of interests which will emphasize the importance of Science and Technology which is extremely important for the development of our country. Our Honourable Founder President has always guided and mentored us and it’s his vision that has given birth to the concept of outcome as right from the beginning he has emphasized on this concept. At Amity, our focus has always been the transformation of students and we are proud to have great leaders in the form of our highly qualified and esteemed faculty members who are constantly making efforts to raise leaders of tomorrow. During the Pandemic, we have seen how they have risen above the occasion to ensure that our students get the best education, facilities and support. ”

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Uttar Pradesh, stated, “This highly significant Conference brings the Scholars, Scientists and Industrials from IT Industry across the world to a common platform and inspire, help & provide valuable feedback to the young engineering minds. This unique platform for Industry and Academia will also facilitate sharing advancements in Research and Development in upcoming areas of Cloud System and Big Data Engineering. The scale of the Confluence has grown immensely since its inception in 2010 when it witnessed participation from lesser number of professionals, academicians and researchers, where today it has become a mega event with a huge number of participants. The Confluence will be very helpful for students, whether they want to pursue a corporate career or want to start their own venture. Everything we do at Amity needs to be aligned with the emerging technologies which is at the core of our nation’s development and how our future scientists can focus on research and innovation and develop new technologies, needs to be seen now.”


During this international conference, Dr. Anant Agarwal, Founder and CEO, ADEX was awarded the Honorary Degree of Professorship and Ms. Katha Chanda, an alumnus of Amity School of Engineering Technology and Shri Karan Khare, an alumnus of Amity School of Engineering Technology were awarded the Amity Alumni Young IT Achievers Award.


The Confluence received more than 729 papers and participation from 35+ countries. An Industrial Session on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was also organized under the technical session of the International Confluence. Apart from this, papers on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Algorithms and Software, Big Data – Data Mining, Computer Network and Sensors, IoT Automation, and other topics were also presented during the Confluence.


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