Amity University takes pledge to contribute towards a greener living on World Environment Day

Delhi: Amity University online, Asia’s No.1 online education platform, celebrated World Environment Day by planting 100 trees within the campus with an initiative to adopt and nurture them. These trees were planted on Wednesday, under the presence of Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Deputy President, Amity Education Group.

Amity that has been ruling for more than two decades in education sector, strongly believes that degradation of environment is one of the biggest concerns. It is very essential for every individual and institution to take measures to replenish the balance in the ecosystem. Amity’s various campuses around the globe have always remained a key contributor in the cause by giving home to thousands of trees.

Mr. Ajit Chauhan believes that “In an attempt to save our environment, it does not matter how big a step you take, what matters is that you understand the concern and do the best you can. Mankind has become one of the biggest threats to its own surroundings. We all just need to understand that, in an ecosystem, one cannot exist without the other”.

Together we stand for our Environment and its safety, because even a small doing marks a huge difference.