Among the graduates of the Medical Institute are students from Jordan

The students who came to study at PetrSU from Jordan 7 years ago graduated from the Medical Institute of PetrSU and received diplomas of higher education. Returning home, they plan to create a community of PetrSU alumni.
Before leaving for their homeland, the graduates visited the press service of PetrSU, shared their joyful emotions, told about their impressions and plans.

Al Nahlavi Tahir Shaher plans to become a traumatologist:

The most difficult year was the first year, when we started to study Russian at the preparatory faculty from scratch, get acquainted with a new culture for us, then we had to enter the Medical Institute of PetrSU.

Now there are no difficulties with communication in Russian, and Petrozavodsk and Petrozavodsk State University have become relatives.

I will remember the teachers with great warmth and gratitude, they always called, supported, asked about difficulties, about what worries us.

When we come home, we plan to create a society of PetrSU alumni, we will talk about Petrozavodsk State University, share our impressions and recommend PetrSU for admission.

My brother is already studying here, at PetrSU, my younger brother is going to enter, so I plan to come to Petrozavodsk, visit PetrSU every year. I go with sadness and with the warmest memories and impressions. Here I became more mature, more independent, learned a lot, managed to study and work.

Akel Mohannad Said, is going to work as an obstetrician-gynecologist:

Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a doctor, so my professional path was known from an early age. It seems to me that the profession I have chosen is connected with the continuation of life, the birth of a new life, and brings joy to my parents. Over the years, Petrozavodsk has become almost a hometown for me, maybe someday I will be able to return here. I grew up here, got to know a new culture, learned Russian – this is a great experience. My dream is to become a good doctor, famous, to open my own clinic.

Abu Luaz Ibrahim will work as a cardiologist:

I am very interested in the physiology, the mechanism of the heart. Heart problems are especially common in older people. I really want to help them, my grandparents are worried about heart problems. They are waiting for me very much, they miss me, they call me. My grandmother is 80 years old, she always calls, cries, asks when to wait for me.

According to the graduates, he really liked Karelia with its white nights and beautiful nature.

My cousins ​​and sisters study here, I will recommend Petrozavodsk State University to all my friends,

– promised the graduate.

Kattum Derar plans to work as a therapist:

We are leaving with joy, because we will have a long-awaited meeting with parents and relatives, and at the same time with sadness: all the moments experienced, even those associated with emerging difficulties, have become fond memories that cause a smile.

I am proud to be a graduate of Petrozavodsk State University. I wish the university to always be at the forefront, to be the best university in the world!


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