Ampersand Group successfully completes teacher training of MCGM Balwadi teachers on Women’s Day eve

Mumbai: Ampersand Group successfully completed the teacher training programme spread across 10 days with 536 women Balwadi teachers of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) in Mumbai, recently. The second phase of teacher training programme concluded on the eve of the International Women’s Day.

The teachers represented around 621 balwadis and have a cumulative student intake of 19,816 in the age group of three-six years. The first phase of the teacher training programme was held last year and was based on developmental domains and teaching aids while the 10-day second phase was directed towards curriculum planning, implementation, and worksheets related to reading, writing, mathematics, concepts, and creativity. The final phase of the teacher training is expected to commence in the final week of March and will include topics such as reading, writing, mathematics and school readiness for primary schooling.

The Ampersand Group operates these balwadis under the Public-Private-Partnership model since September 2018 and has digitally amplified most of the balwadis by providing E-learning facilities, digital applications among others. The Ampersand Group has also converted some of these into ‘Model Balwadis’ which are also equipped with digital hardware like laptops, tablets, LED televisions and support systems.

Dr. Reeta Sonawat, Director, Early Childhood Education, Ampersand Group, led the training session along with her team which was spread across different locations. Dr. Sonawat focused on the activities’ teachers should undertake for the development of their wards. The Ampersand Group also conducted sessions on the usage of flashcards, development of curriculum, planning class schedules, and discipline. Also, a structured outline for timely deliverables was discussed with the teachers during their training for a productive outcome.

Dr. Sonawat mentioned that such interactions with teachers assist them in enhancing their learning skills and standardise the teaching mechanism across all the balwadis in Mumbai. “Most of the teachers at the balwadis are highly motivated and want to offer a good programme to children. Hence, they need to develop a growth mindset so every day the level of activities enhances learning and development standards in children. They need activity-based training to ensure that they are learning in the right way.”

Madhavi Gaikwad, a balwadi teacher from Motilal Nagar Municipal School said, “After attending three training sessions in the last three months, I have incorporated those learning in my classroom through activities. I am well prepared for my classroom activities and the children are very responsive and happy about the innovative methods of teaching. My class is a ‘Model’ balwadi and digital resources like television, tablets are provided along with biometric scanners for attendance. The parents are very happy because the children look forward to coming to school.”

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