Amplus furthers its commitment to revolutionize Renewable Energy remote monitoring with Generative AI


Mumbai : Amplus, one of India’s leading clean energy solutions providers and a member of global clean energy solutions company, Gentari, is collaborating with Microsoft through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance and market Amplus’s innovative Renewable Energy Remote Monitoring Solution. The strategic collaboration promises to usher in a transformative era in RE plant performance monitoring on the proposed Future Energy Platform supported by generative AI.

The two companies also signed a long-term Renewable Energy Agreement last year for a 100 MW solar power project in Rajasthan, India.

With a history of driving innovation, Amplus is taking a significant step forward with this relationship. Developed in-house over five years ago, Amplus’ renewable energy remote monitoring solution is part of the company’s plants nationwide, enabling seamless, real-time management and performance tracking virtually from any location.

During the signing, Mr Sharad Pungalia, MD & CEO of Amplus, stated, “This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both Amplus and the renewable energy industry. With our in-house renewable energy Remote Monitoring Solution, we have witnessed a remarkable improvement in plant performance and efficient maintenance. As part of this new collaboration, we are eager to harness the power of Generative AI and Large Language Models to set new standards for the co-development of the proposed Future Energy Platform. I am confident that working together with Microsoft will have a positive impact on the renewable energy landscape.”

“At Gentari, we welcome industry-level collaborations where we can combine complementary strengths to unlock greater synergies. This collaboration with Microsoft is aligned with our commitment to invest in the capabilities and technologies required to develop and deploy leading-edge innovations that will put clean energy into action. We are excited to work together with Microsoft as we further innovate and scale our offerings,” added Mr Sushil Purohit, Chief Executive Officer of Gentari.

This strategic work is rooted in a deep understanding of Amplus’ unique requirements, performance goals and workload characteristics. Both parties will collaborate to co-innovate on the Future Energy Platform, integrating cutting-edge technological innovations and ensuring the readiness of Amplus’ Renewable Energy Remote Monitoring Solution for a broader spectrum of applications including Optimal Power Dispatch, Multi-market Trading, Renewable Energy Portfolio Orchestration encompassing Multi-Asset, Multi-Site, Multi-Customer Orchestration, Generation Forecasting, and Advanced DSM Management. Additionally, the Future Energy Platform will contain Renewable Energy Remote Operations, featuring intelligent asset management, remote and autonomous operations, field workers, and AI-enabled knowledge advisory.

Mr K Raman, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia commented, “This new collaboration reflects our commitment to help Amplus accelerate its digital transformation and the overall renewable energy sector by harnessing the power of the cloud and technologies like Generative AI and machine learning. Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud capabilities will also be able to support Amplus quickly deploy its renewable energy solutions whilst driving innovation, resilience, and transformation for its organization.”