AMU closes Maulana Azad Library till April 2

Aligarh: In line with the Government of India directives, the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has closed the reading halls of the Maulana Azad Library till April 2, owing to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spread. The decision to close the library applies to reading rooms, while books will continue to be issued and the matter will be reviewed depending on the situation.

The step was taken as a pre-emptive measure for the containment of the virus in a meeting of University functionaries including the Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Dean Students’ Welfare, Proctor, Director of the School Education, OSD (Vice Chancellor’s Office), University Librarian, Dean (Faculty of Engineering) and Principal (Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology), under the Chairmanship of AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor.

“It was noted in the meeting that other central universities like the Delhi University have also closed their libraries under the directives of the government,” said AMU Registrar, Mr Abdul Hamid (IPS).

He added that the measure has been taken after it was found out that a large number of students were sitting together in the library and that the Vice Chancellor’s Office received a number of emails on the issue.

Students are also advised to leave safely for their homes if they want, said the Registrar.

Meanwhile, in an advisory issued by the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) for the hospital attendees; Prof Shahid Ali Siddiqui, Principal and Chief Medical Superintendent has urged everyone to maintain social distance of atleast one meter, to avoid hugs and handshakes, to wash hands on regular intervals and not to touch face, eyes and nose without washing hands.

“Patients are suggested to refrain from visiting hospitals and healthcare establishments for treatments of mild diseases and they are advised to follow the doctor’s instructions even if it means to delay elective surgeries and non-emergency procedures,” states the JNMC advisory.

It further advices doctors to make sure that there are a lesser number of attendants with the patients and few visitors of the admitted patients.

The advisory prohibits people of vulnerable age groups of elderly and children to accompany patients on their hospital visits, unless there is an imminent medical condition or emergency.

JNMC has also urged people to avoid rumour-mongering and spreading misinformation. It has asked people not to panic as the numbers of Coronavirus cases in India are far lower than European countries and USA.

“The Novel Coronavirus Helpline for the general public is 0571-272114, 2721871 Extension 5228 (CMO, JNMCH) and 18001805145 (Uttar Pradesh). The helpline email is:,” mentions the advisory.

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