AMU denies rising Dengue infection in campus, only one case reported

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) administration has refuted media reports about rising cases of dengue in a residential hall of the university.

University has clarified that only one case of dengue infection has been reported from a residential hall. University has implemented a comprehensive anti-adult mosquitoes fogging and indoor residual spraying (IRS) programme for residential halls and campus on regular basis. Mosquito control measures at construction sites have also been adopted.

The university administration has categorically stated that only a single case of dengue has been reported from Hadi Hasan Hall of the university.

“As per the daily reports of the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, sent to the District Malaria Officer, Aligarh, only a single has been reported from Hadi Hasan Hall,” said Prof SH Arif, provost of the Hadi Hasan students’ residential hall.

Dr Ali Jafar Abedi, University’s Health Officer said that mosquito control measures have strictly been adopted in the campus, which is being monitored by the Vice Chancellor Prof Tariq Mansoor.

In this regard, a circular was issued by the University Registrar, Mr Abdul Hamid, IPS, detailing various necessary measures to be adopted strictly, as the July-October is the transmission period of dengue in Aligarh.

Dr Abedi informed that indoor residual spraying for vector control, and anti- adult mosquitoes fogging programme for all the residential halls, including surrounding green areas, campus roads, faculties, departments and offices, residential quarters and university schools is being conducted on regular basis.

“As the construction sites are a major Aedes mosquito breeding ground, an advisory for construction sites in the university campus for prevention of dengue was issued on July 30, 2019, and the measures were strictly implemented”, said Dr Abedi.