AMU faculty attends Management Development Programme in Mathura

Aligarh: Professor Salma Ahmed, Department of Business Administration, Aligarh Muslim University, attended a management development programme as a resource person organized at Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies, Mathura.

The topic of the program was “Managing Workplace Relationship for Organizational Effectiveness”.

Prof Ahmed, highlighted various aspects of workplace relationship management stating that the first step to develop relationship at workplace is to understand self to understand others better.

Referring to the Johari window, Prof Ahmed said, ?We have a ‘blind’ self which is not known to us but known (viewable) to others and also a ‘hidden’ self which we know about ourselves but keep it private (unknown to others). The more ‘open’ a person is to others, the better relationship one would be able to develop with them?.

Prof Ahmed also demonstrated the Johari window as a game involving the participants in order to make them understand the behavioral aspect of developing and managing relationships. The program was also attended by two research scholars of Department of Business Administration Mohd. Azmi Khan, Amgad Saeed Dabwan, besides a number of executives from governmental and non-governmental bodies of NCR.

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