AMU faculty delivers a talk on the occasion of World Energy Day

Aligarh: Dr Mohd Rihan (Member In-charge, Electricity, AMU) delivered an invited talk on “Decarbonising the Electric Energy System” to mark the World Energy Day. It was organised by Axis Group of Colleges, Kanpur in association with the Solar Energy Society of India and student chapters of Institution of Engineers (India).

Dr Rihan said that the industrial activities, technological advancements, and urbanisation the requirement of energy has increased manifolds. Electric Energy out of all forms of energy has seen the most radical increase in terms of amount as well as the criticality. This increased demand should be met by utilising carbon free sources of electricity as the major source. In addition the development and use of efficient appliances for cooling/heating, lighting etc., and prevention of wastage of energy are also equally important. Creation of awareness and participation of stakeholders is an important requirement for the success of these initiatives.