AMU faculty delivers an invited talk on decarbonising the Electric Power Grid

Aligarh: Prof Mohammad Rihan, Member Incharge Electricity and Coordinator Centre for Green and Renewable Energy delivered an invited talk on “Decarbonising the electric power grid; opportunities and challenges” for the management and engineers of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. The talk was organised by the Distribution Operations & Safety Excellence Center of the Tata Power DDL.


Prof Rihan, in his talk, highlighted the role of electrical engineers in meeting the national goals declared in the 26th conference of parties at Glasgow. The successful integration of solar energy in the distribution network of AMU and important lessons learned was also discussed.


He addressed the challenges of electricity distribution in the presence of high penetration of green sources of electricity like solar energy. The research challenges arising out of the changing nature of the power grid were also elaborated.


The concept of peer to peer trading of electricity and the use of digital technologies in the new power grid was also discussed.